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April 04, 2016

1in the years that I have known my dear friend courtney, she has never ceased to amaze me. we first met when she opened her salon in downtown snow hill in 2007. shortly thereafter, we began collaborating on many creative endeavors together ~ from bridal and fashion shoots to editorial valentine’s day sessions. the enthusiasm and talent that she has brought to everything we have done together always inspires me and takes these projects to unexpected levels. in the past couple of years, her story has evolved to include a new career as an educator and a reputation as a renovation diva! last year she purchased the building across the street from her original salon space and started from square one ~ from the custom floors to the exposed brick and modern design, the new home of cb salon is breathtaking. she also hired some new members of her team to compliment the growth and new direction of her business. so one afternoon, it was decided.. new photographs for the upcoming website changes were in order! I met courtney, kirsten, and betsy on the farm of a mutual friend and we had a wonderful afternoon using all that was available to us in this unique location. this was the first time that I had worked with kirsten and betsy and they are such a perfect fit with courtney and the salon ~ it’s as though they have been with her all along. I am so happy for you and inspired by you courtney. not only are you one of my closest friends, but also a fellow #bossgirl that I admire and respect so much. xoxo

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August 19, 2014

1whenever I get a call from my lovely friend sarah it makes me happy. just hearing from her is great as her life and travels seem to take her here, there and everywhere year round. but usually.. at least I’m always quietly hoping, that she’s contacting me to schedule a session. sarah is one of those clients that will do anything.. really, anything to get the photo that I have in my head become a reality. she has worn sundresses in the winter.. she has gone into the ocean in a formal gown – all with a smile and as excited as I am about the final result. to see her awesomeness in action during our last two sessions click here and here. this time we were both thinking along the lines of focusing more on a girl and her guitar and the simplicity that all of that means to sarah. we didn’t have to venture farther than right here in town to find some perfect locations and some beautiful light. the very next day, sarah was boarding a plane to germany and then heading back to NYC for school but I am looking so forward to the next text I receive from her that asks ‘what does your schedule look like?”

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August 18, 2014


these sessions are becoming a regular here on the blog and it couldn’t make me happier! I am always in awe of the beauty and strength of our participants when we have our aerial shoots and this round was no exception. we even did a few acro poses which has my anxiously awaiting those sessions sometime in the near future. if you’ve never done aerial yoga, you should try it… at least once. I am a ‘land’ yoga devotee and to be honest it intimidated me a little bit – but I’m a big believer in giving things a try and doing it at least once and I loved it! if anything it avails a range of motion that I’ve simply not been able to achieve in my poses. and as you can see from all of the blogposts (see the other posts here and here) kids love it too! in fact chrissy offers class specifically for them and they are always full of excited young yogis :) for more information on aerial yoga and everything else offered at zenna, click here

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May 14, 2014

in march I had the pleasure of photographing the first set of zenna’s aerial yoga portraits (to read how these sessions came about and what they consist of, click here). the response that zenna’s owner, chrissy, and I had was so positive that we decided to schedule another shoot a few weeks ago. like before, everyone who attended was so wonderful to work with as chrissy guided them through their poses – some had never even tried aerial yoga before and it was so cool to see them embrace the flow from each movement to the next. these sessions have become a favorite of mine.. I not only look forward to the photography, but also learning even more about this practice and meeting some truly special people along the way – I am already brainstorming for our next collaboration! I’m seeing acro… :)