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November 26, 2014

1 santa paws has easily become one of our favorite events of the year! all of us are dog lovers and being able to spend 2 days photographing so many awesome pups is the highlight of our late fall season. this year we held back to back events in snow hill and baltimore and worked with 30 dogs of every possible size and breed – their families even got into the action toward the end of the sessions :) this year’s charity shoots benefited the wicomico humane society and the downtown dog resort and once again our amazing clients went above and beyond with their donations – your generosity and love blew us away and we couldn’t be more grateful! we are also very appreciative of everyone who helped out behind the scenes.. whether it was bringing us lunch or loading up the many, many bags of food that were donated, thank you thank you thank you! we wish all of our clients a very happy thanksgiving and a lovely holiday season! xoxo 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

as some of you may or may not know, we first met our associate photographer laura when she was a GPA bride. shortly after we met her and husband derek, they adopted their dog cooper who they are madly in love with. so when we announced our annual santa paws event here at the studio last year, they quickly signed up. seeing as how they came from baltimore for a 25 minute session, they made a little side trip out of it but we loved that they came all that way for our little charity shoot. then this year, as a member of the team, laura made the suggestion that because so many of our clients are across the bridge, that maybe we should have a santa paws shoot in baltimore. I thought it was such a great idea and laura quickly got a location lined up with downtown dog resort. as soon as we announced santa paws for both our studio and in baltimore this year, we were happily booked up within hours – I love how popular this event has become because not only does it help rescue organizations, but I could work with dogs all day, every day and be very, very, very happy. as soon as I arrived at downtown dog, I met the manager jim and he simply could not have been more accommodating and wonderful to work with. we saw some old friends as well as meeting some new folks and of course there were the pups…. we had such an amazing time with all of you and are looking so forward to next year!

it’s time for our third annual dogs days charity shoot! and this year we have an exciting new addition – in addition to our event here at the studio in snow hill, we will also be having a santa paws event in baltimore! that’s right.. you asked and we are coming across the bridge :)

snow hill event details:
location: our studio located at 310 north washington street snow hill, md 21863
date: sunday december 8th
time: 9:00am-3:00pm

baltimore event details:
location: downtown dog resort – 200 west mccomas street baltimore, md 21230
date: sunday november 24th
time: 10:00am-2:30pm

session details: a 25 minute session featuring your dog all decked out for the holidays. in both locations, we will have wreath and bow collars, christmas light collars for relaxed pooches, reindeer ears and santa hats. up to two family members can join their four legged family member during the last 10 minutes of the session. we will have organic treats and plenty of water as well as some squeaky toys to get their attention but if there is anything your pooch really responds to, please feel free to bring it along

charity details: the session fee is only $30 and includes an online gallery and 1 8×10 print. we are also asking for a donation of at least 10lb bags of dry cat or dog food to be given to a local shelter and the downtown dog resort’s rescue. food donations can be brought to the event the day of the session

how to book your session: email us at to reserve your spot. this event fills up fast!!
last year was so much fun – thanks to those awesome clients and pups, we collected over 200 pounds of pet food as well as some toys and treats. we can’t wait to meet some new friends this year!


January 07, 2013

all of us here at the studio are dogs owners and we LOVE working with them. in addition to our in-studio events, a lot of our clients brought them along to their sessions (and their weddings!) which always makes us smile. next year we are planning 3 dog days befit sessions and can’t wait to play with many of our four-legged clients :)



santa paws is quickly becoming our favorite dog days event – this was our second annual holiday shoot and the response was so great! not only did our amazing clients drive in from as far as baltimore for a 25 minute session, but collectively we raised over 525lbs of dry pet food, 32 large cans of wet food, oodles of toys and bags+boxes of every treat imaginable for safe haven animal sanctuary. some of our clients who couldn’t make it even had some food shipped in! being that we’re all huge dog lovers, it’s a day to have fun and spend time with friends and their pups. it’s also the perfect way to wrap up such a busy and wonderful year. we simply can’t thank you enough for your generosity toward a cause and organization we’re passionate about. your love will go a long way and we’re SO appreciative! we’re looking forward to our next spring dog days sessions at the beach!

happy holidays!!!

This past Saturday we hosted one of our favorite Dog Days events – Santa Paws!  We collected 450 lbs of dry food, 25 cans of wet food, oodles of toy + treats and best of all, played with 35 lovable dogs! :)  Some of our amazing clients who couldn’t make our annual event even shipped in food to help our cause!  All of the donations are going to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary - a no kill shelter.  We were so glad to see some old friends and to make some new ones.  Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success!  It was a perfect way to jump start our holiday season here at GPA and we had a blast!  Be sure to keep a lookout on the blog for our post about this fun filled day of woofs + wags! :)

June 27, 2012

some people may find this hard to believe, but for years I was terrified of dogs. like run-away-and-hide scared. even a gentle golden retriever could throw me into a panic. although this was pretty much a baseless fear (I had been nipped at by a boston terrier when I was little but it didn’t even break the skin according to mom) it was very real to me for a long time. then one summer I was working at phillips on the beach and doug, the guy who was training me during my first day, said to me at the end of the night ‘it was great working with you and I’d hang out for a post shift beer, but I’ve got a pregnant bitch at home’. well I was horrified! but everyone I was sitting with had a good laugh at this statement. beyond baffled, I whispered to the girl sitting next to to me ‘why does everyone think that’s funny?’ to which she answered that doug’s dog was expecting her first litter of puppies and he really wanted to be there to help her when she started delivering. doug was suddenly transformed from a creep into the sweetest guy ever and a few days later, the pups arrived and he was loving it. doug and I discovered that I only lived a block from him and I started going over every night after work to watch this sweet dog care for her brood. to keep them straight, doug nicknamed all the pups and the one I had fallen in love with was dubbed dempsey after boxer jack dempsey because he bullied his way to his mother during feeding time, pushing his brothers and sisters out of the way. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but doug already knew that when he was ready, dempsey would come home with me – and he did. part lab and part great dane he quickly grew into a dog I would have previously been terrified of, but I knew his heart, his instinctive kindness and unconditional love for me and my life, when it came to dogs, was never the same. dempsey and I moved to baltimore and then to colorado together. sadly, I lost him at a young age but since I have had jake (husky/retriever) who drove cross country with me 22 times and was by my side during the hardest time in my life, sampson (rott/lab) who came into the family right before I met my husband and booker (bernese mountain dog) who is a big bear of love that joined us 4 years ago. all of these amazing dogs have given me love when I needed it most, laughs when I’ve been blue and no matter what, they are SO excited to see me – even if I just leave for 5 minutes. I admit.. I’ve had my fair share of days when I’ve preferred the company of my pups to people. I will always have a dog, probably always have 2… or 3 :) my appreciation for those who care for and help animals in need was the reason we started our dog days sessions and any opportunity I have to work with my four-legged friends I am thrilled. when I have someone contact me who loves dogs as much as I do and wants to schedule a session, well it’s like I’ve been given a gift. combining the two things I love the most – photography and dogs – is the ultimate way to spend an afternoon. stephanie and brian are an amazing couple who have rescued all of these fantastic pups and their love for ‘the pack’ was obvious as they all tumbled out of the two vehicles it took to get everyone to the shoot. all of the pups have such distinct personalities and are all SO sweet! the whole session I was laughing, rolling in the grass with them and documenting this big beautiful bunch – and is there anything better than that? so without further adieu, meet stephanie, brian, julep, happy, charlie, carmen and michael!

I had the best time with all of you! the whole session had me smiling hours after we stopped shooting and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you all again – maybe when you rescue your next one?? :) thanks again!

January 20, 2012


I met John a year and a half ago at the gym- we seemed to always be there at the same time.  Between jumping ropes and weight sets we struck up a conversation and I found out that he was in the Coast Guard.  He was stationed here after living in Florida for awhile.  John recently shared with me that he had gotten a new best friend, a pit bull named Bella.  If you follow the blog, you know that we worked with a lot of dogs last year but never a pit bull and I was excited for the opportunity.  Because John is in the Coast Guard, I decided an ideal location would be by the water and asked him to bring his uniform and fatigues to the shoot.  The moment I saw Bella I was in love!  She is so beautiful and friendly.  When John finally let her out of the truck she bounded out and raced around her new playground.  I could instantly sense the bond between John and Bella and knew that this was a true example of man’s best friend. 


I think Bella was telling us she was ready to head home :)  I had a great time with you two and can’t wait til next time!

December 30, 2011

sampson and booker here! while the ladies are busy getting together images for next week’s ‘best of’  posts we thought we’d help out by taking care of the category that we love the most: our canine compadres :) this year at the studio we have hosted a number of dog benefit shoots and have raised money and food donations for organizations like the WCHS and safe haven who do wonderful work to help our dog and cat friends in need (yes… we even love the cats – but don’t tell anyone *wink wink*) raye and kristie assure us that next year will be even bigger with some on-location sessions and multiple day events. thanks from all of us here at GPA to those who came out this year, gave generously and introduced us to so many new friends!

December 12, 2011

last weekend we held our 3rd and final dog days event of 2011 – SANTA PAWS!! we had such an amazing time with all of the pups and their owners who came from as far as baltimore :) food donations were requested for safe haven animal sanctuary and our clients, as usual, were rockstars! we collected hundreds of pounds of food as well as toys, chewies and financial donations. I seriously don’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard - both while we were shooting and while editing the photos. the dogs that we photographed were awesome! all together we had the pleasure of working with emma, lola, zues, bo, beija, bella, ida claire, raegan, pearl, bunker and paxi. and so many thanks go out to all of their “parents” for helping us get their attention and getting them accessorized :) we have some really cool ideas for our 2012 dog days events – all dog events benefit local animal charities and organizations and we’re so grateful to help even in a small way with all of the wonderful things they do – especially in this season of gratitude.

thanks again to everyone who joined us for a great day – happy holidays to all of you!!