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December 08, 2014

1 it seems, at least to me, that some of the coolest experiences are hatched at the most random times… connect the dots during a everyday conversation and suddenly you’re traveling south! this is how I ended up in charleston to photograph what ended up being, by far, one of my favorite weddings of the year. I first met adrianne when she was a bridesmaid at my friend kate’s wedding – and although I wasn’t able to spend a lot if time with her that day, what I did remember was that adrianne was such nice and warm person (and she kept kate calm during some stressful moments :) ). since her wedding day, kate and I have worked on a lot of other sessions.. anniversary, maternity, newborn, etc. and it was during our last session with her son, trey, that kate asked me if I knew any photographers in charleston that I could recommend. she had my attention. charleston is easily one of my favorite places on earth and I hadn’t been there in a long time. kate told me that adrianne and jimmy, after considering a large local wedding, had decided to wed in charleston with just family and a few friends. I told kate I knew someone who could photograph the wedding and she started digging in her purse for a pen… no need as she obviously already had my information. ‘really?!’ she said “you’d go to south carolina?’ ummmmm…. yeah!!! the next day I heard from adrianne and quickly we formed a plan. I was looking so forward to spending more time with them during their e-session in OC where I heard all about their wedding plans and as the days wound down to their wedding, I couldn’t wait to see them. as soon as I got to the lowndes grove plantation, I marveled over this stunning location. the venue was situated on the banks of the river and the ceremony had been set up under giant, old trees.. spanish moss lazily swaying from the branches. janet, of JVM events, had designed the reception area to compliment the location and it was beautiful. as I entered the bridal suite, I was welcomed with a wonderful hug from adrianne’s mom as the bride got ready. don’t get me wrong.. I love big weddings, but there is something about keeping it small and intimate that I adore. it’s personal, it’s emotional, and it’s lovely. as adrianne walked down the aisle to jimmy, I don’t think that there wasn’t a single person who didn’t shed a few happy tears. adrianne and jimmy are that couple.. two people who are just so perfectly matched. you can see it when they look at each other, hear it when they laugh together, and just feel it when you’re with them. the whole evening, they rarely left each other’s side and when they did, all it took was a glance across the room.. no words were needed. their friends and families toasted them, celebrated them and loved on them like crazy – it was so lovely to be a part of and to photograph. they all made me feel so welcome and it simply couldn’t have been more perfect. adrianne and jimmy, I am so grateful that you invited me charleston, that you gave me the honor of photographing such a special day, and that I have several new members of my extended family. I love you both and wish you all of the happiness in the world! xoxo lowndes grove 2 3 4 5 6 7 ajm-004 ajm-005 ajm-007 ajm-008 ajm-035 ajm-045 ajm-047 ajm-052 ajm-053 ajm-054 ajm-055 ajm-056 ajm-064 ajm-067 ajm-075 ajm-078 ajm-081 ajm-082 ajm-104 ajm-106 ajm-117 ajm-125 ajm-126 ajm-127 ajm-130 ajm-135 ajm-142 ajm-145 ajm-150 ajm-151 ajm-156 ajm-156a ajm-157 ajm-159 ajm-163 ajm-166 ajm-168 ajm-169 ajm-175 ajm-183 ajm-187 ajm-195 ajm-196 ajm-198 ajm-203 ajm-206 ajm-208 ajm-212 ajm-218 ajm-221 ajm-224 ajm-227 ajm-228 ajm-295 ajm-296 ajm-301 ajm-306 ajm-307 ajm-327 ajm-328 ajm-329 ajm-335 ajm-336 ajm-337 ajm-338 ajm-339 ajm-339a ajm-339b ajm-339c ajm-340 ajm-344 ajm-350 ajm-351 ajm-357 ajm-358 ajm-366 ajm-387 ajm-388 ajm-394 ajm-399 ajm-400 ajm-402 ajm-404 ajm-405 ajm-407 ajm-411 ajm-413 ajm-414 ajm-415 ajm-417 ajm-422 ajm-424 ajm-425 ajm-426 ajm-428 ajm-429 ajm-430 ajm-431 ajm-433 ajm-436 ajm-438 ajm-440 ajm-441 ajm-443 ajm-450 ajm-458