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December 29, 2015

1it’s hard to put into words how I feel about these photos. I look at them and I see so much history, so much change. it’s tangible proof of just how quickly life happens and how new beginnings blossom. I’ve known bryan for most of his life, ever since he was an infant. in fact, in many ways, he’s the closest thing to a little brother that I have. together we have experienced many of the ups and downs of life. his grandmother was one of my absolute favorite people on the planet and his parents have stood by my side through my best and worst times. bryan drove me to my wedding and was there for me talk/vent/cry to when my parents were sick. he is one of my constants and always has been. he and his wife melissa went to college together but it wasn’t until later that they reunited and knew that they were meant to be together ~ sealing it by taking their vows on the beaches of jamaica. they lived in DC during the early days of their marriage but moved down here on the shore and recently purchased a home in snow hill ~ in fact, they live so close that I can practically see their house from my office window. when I learned that they were expecting, all I could think of was how thrilled everyone would be by this happy news, I was over the moon! and when it was time for flynn’s first photos, I was so honored to photograph them. melissa and bryan are so clearly meant to parents – there is such an ease and comfort about them when they are with their son and their happiness is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the journey of this little man and all that he will become year after year. I love you all xoxo

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June 18, 2015


I have been photographing weddings for over a decade and when I first meet a couple, I always like to hear how they met.. how they knew that this was their person. no couple’s story is exactly the same – some have been set up by friends on a blind date, others started ‘going steady’ in grade school. but never has walmart been accredited to finding true love – it’s truly a first for me. sarah and kevin met in the aisles of the superstore on halloween night. what started out as a friendly chat soon evolved into the two of them wandering the store for hours, talking nonstop. they parted ways, both knowing that someone truly special had happened but sarah told herself that they were just friends. later as kevin was helping sarah get ready for nursing school, she realized that this was more.. that they were more than she ever expected and they have been inseparable ever since. sarah and kevin decided to have a backyard wedding at their home and added so many of their own touches which made everyone feel so welcome. dogs were everywhere to greet us as bryan and I got to the house, which if you know us, made us very happy. the day was warm and sunny and as guests got seated in their back yard, everyone couldn’t wait to see the bride and groom. after a beautiful ceremony that included ‘hallelujah’ being sung by sarah’s father, we all went to the front lawn for photos. there is an ease and a playfulness with sarah and kevin that was so lovely to capture. he makes her laugh, genuinely and a lot which I think is one of the true touchstones of an amazing relationship and friendship. I asked my grandmother years ago how she and pop had stayed so happy for so long. ‘he kisses me every morning and makes me laugh everyday.’ she answered. I loved these two from the moment that I met them and am so happy for them. it was a very special day and we were so honored to be a part of it. wishing you much love, joy and laughter!!

  • caterer: 2 jays bbq
  • cake designer: susannah gillespie
  • flowers: giant
  • dress: vera wang
  • makeup/hair: salon art
  • videographer: chistopher pali

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November 06, 2014


cr-172it’s not unusual for me to become good friends with my couples after their wedding – in fact, some of my closest friends here on the shore started as clients. it is, by far, the biggest gift of what I do and something that I am so grateful for. but rarely do I walk into wedding day knowing and loving my couple like I did on caitlin and rob’s wedding day… I even knew that this wasn’t their true wedding day. almost 2 years ago, caitlin contacted the studio about a session in pemberton park. well, the session was actually a wedding ceremony where caitlin and rob, with only 2 friends along to officiate and witness, committed themselves to other.. privately and perfectly. kristie captured each moment of their first evening as man and wife beautifully. fast forward to last june and I was in the photo pit at the firefly music festival in dover as public enemy was about to take the stage… being that I am and always have been a huge fan, I could hardly wait. in my impatience, I began to get fidgety and started taking photos of the crowd behind me. the first faces that my camera found were those of caitlin and rob who were at the very front and it was clear rob was as excited as I was… or as caitlin would later put it ‘like a tween girl at a justin beiber concert’ and we were friends from that day on. knowing that caitlin was a talented photographer herself, that fall we asked her to second shoot with us and loved having her as a part of our team – not only is she gifted at her craft, but she’s just really fun to work with! so when she told me that she and rob were considering having a vow renewal and reception to celebrate their marriage, we were so happy to be a part of it. in april, I traveled to richmond with them for their e-session which was so much fun! richmond is a very special place to them and I loved spending the afternoon with them which led into the evening when we shared a delicious meal together and got to know each other even better. their love, friendship, committment, and mutual respect for each other is just so amazing to watch. they are truly a couple who are meant for each other and as their big day grew closer, I was looking so forward to spending it with my friends.

that morning, the weather was nasty.. not just iffy – nasty.gross.rainy.cold. and my heart ached for them. as I got to the hotel and bryan headed to their loft to meet up with rob, I kept my eyes to the sky – attempting jedi mind tricks to make the rain stop. in her suite, caitlin was obviously not thrilled about the conditions, but was not letting that get her down as she laughed and got ready with her friends and family. then the rain stopped.. and stayed stopped! caitlin and I headed down to the plaza where rob was waiting for their first look and all of the stress from the planning, logistics, and weather just melted away as they saw each other for the first time. the bridal party joined us shortly thereafter and bryan and I had so much fun with this crew – they’re pretty hysterical and a blast to work with! the event was at boonies, and if you’ve ever been there before you know that it’s a pretty cool place on an average day – but when I walked out onto the deck, it took my breath away.. it was simply gorgeous. adorned with beautiful flowers, strings of twinkle lights, and candles for days, it had been transformed into a wonderland. guests took their seats in front of the fireplace, under the canopy of the forest, and waited for caitlin to join her husband. rob may or may not have cried (he totally did!) when his eyes found caitlin and they shared vows of humor, commitment, and love.. so much love. sealed with a kiss!

now the reception.. I have seen a lot in over a decade of photographing weddings. a lot. but caitlin and rob’s reception had a couple of firsts.. I have never seen a groom skillfully take the mike and rap for his bride – given his public enemy super fan status, I shouldn’t have been surprised and it was pretty awesome. and stripping.. not something you’d expect during toasts. but when rob’s best man, brad, decided to make up for not providing rob with a proper bachelor party with a little peep show of his own? well, it was something that none of us will soon forget :)

to say that I’m happy for you is an understatement.. I know what you’ve traveled to get to this moment and your relationship is a pretty powerful example of how love should be. I am so grateful for your friendship and wish you all of the happiness in the world. love you both!

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January 15, 2014

this year our couples tied the knot everywhere from the beach, historic mansions and farms to a virgina zoo. we witnessed happy tears, spontaneous laughter and heartfelt readings. we worked at some of our all time favorite venues as well as having the opportunity to be introduced to some amazing new (to us) locations. we traveled to 6 different states and had the honor of documenting the weddings of several very close friends. as fun as it is to photograph the portraits and reception, ceremonies are our favorite because that’s really what a wedding day is about…. two people pledging their love in front of their friends and family – and in several cases this year, their pups!







  • we photographed 74 weddings
  • we photographed 92 portrait sessions
  • we worked with over 100 dogs
  • we traveled to 16 states
  • we added 3 new members to the team
  • we consumed approximately 2,894,454 cups of coffee
  • one of us is pregnant
  • 12 of our couples welcomed little ones
  • we danced the night away with a group of former brides, now cherished friends
  • we recovered, renewed and rediscovered our studio after hurricane sandy
  • we photographed 2 major music festivals
  • we did many happy dances
  • we had a spiritual moment with flavor flav
  • we ran through rainbows
  • we found peace in the mountains and the desert
  • we hung out with the nfl
  • we made plans for a trip of a lifetime
  • we reconnected with dear friends and made many new ones

looking back at this year leaves us feeling so very grateful. without all of you, there would be no ‘us’ and you have made this a truly epic year. tomorrow will begin our ‘best of 2013′ posts and y’all made it SO hard to choose!!! we love and appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to a hopeful, healthy and happy 2014 filled with love, laughter and plenty of road trips! xoxo

September 26, 2013

when bryan and I met up in the parking lot of the golden sands, both of us commented on what a beautiful day it was. it was a perfect beach day… not too hot, not too breezy – and we were so happy for lauren and rey. their wedding day would be the first time we met them so bryan came to lauren’s room with me first to meet her and then headed down to rey, his guys and apparently an exciting football game :) lauren had a pretty big bridal party plus 3 younger attendants, so the condo was full of laughter and last minute touches. one thing I love about this hotel is that you can look down to the beach as the ceremony is being set up and as the guests arrive… something we caught both lauren and rey doing several times throughout the afternoon. the beach was peaceful, serene and a perfect location for lauren and rey to celebrate their love and commitment with all of their friends and family. the reception highlighted their love for both each other and the time they’ve spent in ocean city – special touches like fishers popcorn and dolly’s salt water taffy were given as treats to their guests and their cake was a tasty tribute to life on the sand. as soon as the party kicked off, one thing became very clear – this crew can dance and bryan and I had a blast being in the middle of it all as the party went late into the night!


it was so wonderful to work with you and we wish you so much happiness!


September 02, 2013

  • we traveled to kansas, missouri, colorado, chicago, hawaii and jamaica
  • we photographed the wedding of a dear friend
  • we celebrated a basic training graduation
  • we hung out with a lot of cool pups
  • we danced in the mountains
  • we had long overdue visits with family and old friends
  • one of us is pregnant
  • we kicked around the idea of a second location
  • one of our couples welcomed a little one
  • we logged a ton of hours and drank a lot of caffeine to go into september with a clean slate
  • we are looking so forward to our biggest fall season ever :)
August 19, 2013

bridget and I have been friends for years and throughout that time we have helped each other through some tough times and many good times.. and when I learned of her engagement to mark  - well that was certainly an awesome time! because of what I do, bridget was bouncing venue location ideas off me but she couldn’t seem to find a place that she loved and felt right. then last august, I photographed my first wedding at the chesapeake bay environmental center and fell in love. as soon as I got in the jeep after the wedding, I texted bridget ‘stop the search – I know where you’re getting married!’ and indeed it was perfect for everything she and mark hoped for their wedding day. because they met in a triathlon club, being active is an obvious part of their relationship and something that they love to do together. what better way to kick off this day of celebration than a ‘race to the alter’ 5K? with friends and family (and pup!) suited up, everyone enjoyed the light mist of rain that fell as they ran, walked and strolled their way through the serene marked trails of the center. once completed, I went with bridget to the hotel where after a quick shower, she and her girls got ready for the ceremony. bryan met mark at a house where a majority of his family was staying – it had everything this large group would like.. volleyball, bikes and corn hole :) so many of bridget and mark’s friends and family were a part of the wedding, from decorating the barn, to the cake and flowers. the caterer was a former groom of mine and even the officiant was a former co-worker/judge and friend of bridget’s (and an awesome former palette regular lol). after a first look and family photos followed intimate and heart filled ceremony. then bridget, mark and I went to my favorite part of the center to take photos. these marsh trails are what made me fall so hard for this place – they and my friends were a gorgeous combination. the reception was a party from the very first song and the celebration continued until they made their getaway amidst a shower of sparklers. I am so very happy for you both and honored to play a part in your special day.

I am SO happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and many races to win together  xoxo



  • we road tripped to nyc and boston
  • we photographed the weddings of 3 dear friends
  • we continued to work on the studio
  • we shot weddings and sessions in boston, annapolis, grasonville, baltimore, new jersey, assteague and dc
  • we drank coffee… lots of it
  • 2 of our couples welcomed little ones
  • we continued to count our blessings as we are in the midst of our best and busiest season yet!
July 18, 2013

when kristin first contacted us, one of the first things she shared with us was that she was best friends with one of our brides megan which we love. and thennnn… well then she told us where her venue was and we were beyond excited. see one of her and then fiancé tim’s favorite things to do was visiting zoos together. whenever they visited a new city, one of the first stops would be the local zoo… so when choosing a perfect place to say ‘i do’, the virginia zoological park in norfolk just seemed right and it was perfect. in fact, they were so excited about a weekend at the zoo that they booked a day after session which was amazing! the day of the wedding, we got to the park early and walked around to familiarize ourselves with the layout and which animals were where. then we met up with kristin and tim as they got ready for their first look – they were both anxious and excited and when they saw each other for the first time, it was as though no one else in the world existed. soon after their bridal party and families met up with us and even though it was a steamy day, the zoo provided us all plenty of shady relief. they were married by tim’s father on a super cool deck area by the red pandas and then an intimate ceremony followed. the next day, mother nature provided us with a much cooler day and we had so much fun wandering the park, taking photographs and reflecting on how wonderful their wedding day was.

kristin + tim, thank you so much for such a wonderful and truly memorable weekend! we wish you much love and happiness as you begin your life together in colorado :)