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1considering that our 2016 season kicks off in just two short weeks, we wanted to begin to wrap up our ‘best of’ 2015 posts. in addition to the photos we take of them together (coming on wednesday) we always like to get images of our brides and grooms individually. typically, we photograph these either before the ceremony or during the first look. these times are always full of anticipation and excitement which is the perfect time to capture the emotion of this time. and… if we do say so ourselves, we have some of the most handsome grooms and beautiful brides on the planet ~ inside and out!

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September 14, 2015


a few weeks ago, I posted my cousin caitlin’s grey t-shirt session. and while we have been wanting to photograph that session for over a year now, there was another reason we got together that day. 7 years ago, caitlin and jamie were married and to commemorate this occasion, caitlin wanted to do a session in her wedding dress as a surprise for him… and she was all in! laying down in the sand? yep! going in the ocean? alrighty! allll the way in?? indeed! I had the best time with her as we worked and laughed on the beaches of assateague. and now that their anniversary has passed, I am so happy to share some of the images from our session. I love you cousin and am so proud of you! xoxoxo

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October 24, 2013

about a month ago I headed with lyndsey, her mom and a few other of her friends to assateague island to do her bridal session. it was a simply gorgeous evening… ideal temperature, light breeze.. perfect! we started under the piers and at first I have to admit, I was kind of nervous. lyndsey’s wedding wasn’t too far off and I wanted her dress to remain spotless.. but I had some ideas. so I asked her if she would be willing to sit down – she was. and then I inquired if maybe she would lay down? absolutely, she said. all of these things we did before anyone else could say anything and her mom would turn her back to us, while nervously saying ‘I don’t see anything!’ :)  lyndsey was so awesome and even though I didn’t get her near the ocean (although I’m sure she would have done everything short of jumping in had I asked) we had such a great time. her wedding to justin was this past saturday which means that I can finally post these publicly. I had such a wonderful time with all of you – both at the beach and at your wedding last weekend and am pretty excited to get this dress with you and your horse soon – that’s okay, right mom?


October 08, 2012

As my wedding day was fast approaching and the topic of my bridal shower came up, I made a subtle suggestion to have a tea party theme.  I had no idea how it would turn out!  My family and bridesmaids spent hours hand crafting the favors and the decorative pom poms, not to mention a ton of other amazing details.  I loved the shabby chic look from all the floral tablecloths and antique tea sets to the lace doilies at each place setting.  Almost all 24 tea cups and saucers came from many different china sets that my family members had gotten as wedding gifts in the past.  It was great to have so many people play a part in all the decorations and details of the day.  Everyone seemed to have a blast playing the games and getting to know each other.  To me, the most important part of the day was getting to see all of the amazing ladies that were there.  So many guests traveled from out of town to come and share in the celebrations of the weekend, including my big sister in sorority who flew in all the way from Florida.  I felt so blessed to be able to share tea and scones with so many amazing people, and I honestly couldn’t have imagined anything better!  I can’t believe its 13 days until the wedding!!

this was the question on everyone’s mind the week prior to our second annual bridal shoot for the perfect dress bridal salon. last year we were blessed with a sunny (if chilly) day but this year’s forecast was gloomy and wet. kris and I took an hour in the morning to drive around finding location alternatives in and around snow hill as we had a crew of 12 lined up and unless we had to, we didn’t want to cancel. thanks to breaks in the weather and 2 great indoor options, we had a sucessful and super fun day! thanks to ALL who helped especially our hair + makeup artists courtney and meagan, sarah from the perfect dress and our models: payton, lexie, prescilla, lindsay, noelle and dani! you all were amazing and so great to work with – thanks for all of your hard work and making this year’s shoot fabulous! see you in 2013 :) xoxo

January 16, 2012

during our off-season last year we were able to work with some amazing stylists, makeup artists and bridal salons for several editorial shoots. working with multiple and off the beaten track locations, we had so much fun collaborating with such talented people! our plans for 2012 are already in motion and our creative wheels are spinning as we brainstorm on concepts, locations and fashion ideas. and because I forgot them in the family ‘best of’, there are some photos of some of my favorite girls playing in the snow during an impromptu snow day session!

January 11, 2012

we are in the home stretch with our best of posts! initially this was going to be a post for the portraits of the bride and groom together but there were so many individual shots th we loved, we decided to give them their own post. we had so much to play with this year because our couples chose so many amazing venues! there’s something about a photo of a bride, especially before she walks down the aisle that I just adore – and the grooms were pretty dapper too!

January 04, 2012

the mighty winter winds yesterday took out our cable and internet so we are back today with the next installment of our ‘best of’ posts. at first we were going to include these images in with the post we are preparing for the bride and groom, but there were so many cool images that we loved that we decided to give them their own post. the time where the brides is getting ready is always one of our favorite times to shoot – there is always so much energy and excitement in the air with everyone buzzing about. final lists are checked off and the champange and hair spray are flowing as the dress is waiting to be put on. and when all the finishing touches are complete and she looks at herself in the mirror, it’s just the best moment!

December 28, 2011

prepare yourself for a visual feast of wedding eye candy! we’re not sure if it’s the popularity of sites like etsy or pinterest (both of which we are all addicted to!) but 2011 was the year of the personal touch when it came to wedding details. having been a bride myself, I can attest to the thought that goes into flowers, favors and programs - and a lot of these items are gone once the big day is over. we have had so much fun getting creative with ring shots, wedding dresses and all of the awesome shoes! I love how the personalities of our couples became part of their wedding day with the addition of these creative choices that they made :)

November 09, 2011

one year to the day after these two said “I do”, kathleen and ray traveled to ocean city for a trash the dress session on a gorgeous afternoon. now I love working with these two and since we started working together almost 2 years ago they’ve become friends (even if they are ravens fans) and I always look forward to seeing them. the boardwalk was packed which was awesome because some of the looks we got were priceless! it’s not everyday that you see a bride sitting barefoot smack dab in the middle of the boards – and when the silly string that ray brought started to fly… well, you can only imagine :) 

I loved our afternoon together and I hope I have a chance to see you both soon – peace, love and steelers HA!