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July 03, 2017

1sometimes you have that moment.. or in this case a series of many moments during a session. the weather is ideal, the wardrobe choices are perfection, and the client is fun, fearless, and just gets you and your vision for the shoot. such was the evening that I spent with this lovely mother-to-be. cailyn is the younger sister of my dear friend and client, amanda. many moons ago, amanda and I worked together and I remember cailyn coming in to visit her sister… she seemed so young at the time ~ and she was. time has flown! not only has amanda had two beautiful children since then, but now cailyn is expecting her first. we had such a beautiful evening on chincoteague – given the time of year, it was downright chilly and glorious. cailyn was simply amazing as she went along with anything that I suggested and then some ~ this being her first pregnancy, she is so comfortable in her skin and it shows in the way she moves and in her sparkling eyes… she’s SO excited to be a mom and I am so very happy for her. I can’t wait to met your baby and the newest addition to a family that I love dearly xoxo

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May 16, 2017

1this session has been several years and three babies in the making.. see, in the west household, I have been given the nickname, ‘the inducer’. when I photographed kelly and alex’s wedding, I knew how excited they were to start a family ~ so when they learned that they were expecting their first child, daniel, I knew we were going to be doing a maternity session. we got the session on the schedule and then shortly thereafter, she went into labor. everyone was fine, but the session never happened. then, a couple of years later, kelly was pregnant with their daughter, hadley. we got the session on the schedule and kelly even went out and bought a dress. and then….. yep, she went into labor. happy and healthy little girl, but no session. so this time… this time! we were on a mission. kelly texted me to let me know that she had gotten the dress and I teased, ‘okay, lay down and don’t move until the session’. we laughed, but I think we were both crossing our fingers at the time. but we needn’t have worried ~ we were given a beautiful day and I had the best time working with all of them. daniel and hadley are so much fun and kelly and alex… well, they’re just about the coolest couple I know. I am looking so forward to meeting the newest baby west and am really grateful that we were finally able to make our many plans and ideas a reality this time. I love you all and am so happy for you! xoxo

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April 27, 2016

1I had the extreme pleasure of photographing the wedding celebration of adrianne and jimmy, not once.. but twice! the first was at their intimate destination wedding in charleston and the second was a local reception held for friends and family in ocean city at fager’s island. from the first moment that I met these two, I have loved them. they are so warm, welcoming, and just lovely to be around. since I last saw them, a lot has happened. first, they became a family of four when pups maggie and maya came into their lives ~ they recently moved into a beautiful new home ~ AND.. they found out that they were going to be parents! I joined them at their home on a beautiful afternoon to catch some moments of this happy time. after showing me around their new place (gorgeous!) we settled in to start the session. and although this would technically be considered a maternity session, maggie and maya were front and center.. posing for me as only dogs can do :) I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for all of you (including mama charlene, of course!) and I am looking so forward to meeting your child upon his/her arrival. thank you for such a wonderful day ~ love you!

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April 11, 2014

Last week I shared with you Liv + Drew’s pre-deployment session and their maternity session taken mid February of this year.  It has been so wonderful to see my friend go through such a beautiful pregnancy and on February 27th I had the honor of being next to Liv in the delivery room along with her family as she gave birth to their first child, Logan Grady.  I got the phone call from Liv around 10 PM on the 26th that she was heading to the hospital because Logan was on his way!  She rode with her mother and Aunt Sherri and they met up with Drew’s mother, Kathleen and his brother Michael at the hospital.  Drew’s father arrived shortly after the birth.  I met up with everyone around 2:30 on the morning of the 27th and as I walked into the hospital room I felt all of the love surrounding Liv.  I know there were so many emotions running though everyone that morning, especially since Drew was in the middle of a 5 day mission.  He and Liv joked the week before that Logan would have to wait for Drew to get back before he made his appearance.  However, baby Logan had a plan all of his own! Liv and Drew talked about the birth beforehand and asked if his brother Michael could set up a GoPRo camera to film the birth.  Lovely Aunt Sherri was the lucky one to have it strapped to her head. ;) I was so happy Liv had such a huge support system and she always had someone’s hand to hold.  In between contractions we were trying to get ahold of Drew who was 8,000 miles away to let him know that his son was on the way!  Kathleen and Michael were finally able to connect to him on FaceTime and I instantly saw a wave of relief rush over Liv.  About 25 minutes later and a lot of pushing, Liv was finally able to hold Logan in her hands!  I’m so glad Drew was able to be there and see the birth of his son and offer words of encouragement to his beautiful wife as she brought Logan in to this world.  He was able to hear Logan’s cry and see the excitement and love in that room.  Logan Grady (the first grand child on both sides!) was born at 4:33 am and weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Thank you to all of the wonderful nurses, doctors and staff at PRMC who helped us successfully capture this very special birth.  Liv + Drew, I’m so happy for you both and so blessed that I am able to be apart of your journey and was able to witness such an incredible moment in your lives.

May 23, 2013

it has been so awesome to be with aaren and jr as their journey into parenthood has progressed. from the announcement that their dogs did during our dog days event to their gender reveal party, I’ve been so happy to photograph each milestone. so when planning the ‘belly’ shoot – we opted for sunrise at the beach. the weather didn’t cooperate for the first session we had scheduled but we hit gold the second time… the morning was warm and the sun was glowing. you can see and feel how much aaren and jr are looking forward to the arrival of their daughter kennedy.. this is one blissed out pair :)

the next time I see you it will probably be with baby kennedy in your arms and I’m so excited to meet her!

May 17, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted Stacie’s maternity session and was so excited to meet little Alexis!  Well now I can proudly say that this sweet little girl is here and was welcomed into our family with loving and open arms.  Alexis was born on May 3, 2013 weighing 6.9 pounds and 20 inches long!  She has a full head of hair and the cutest little nose!  I am so happy for my cousins and loved spending the afternoon with them + Lexi.

Love you guys! See you soon! xoxo

I hung out with one of my favorite families this weekend- the Adkins!  If you follow the blog, you may remember them from their birth story and Penelope’s newborn session.  I can’t believe this little girl is already 6 months old!  I met up with them Sunday at their new house and we went outside to enjoy the highly anticipated sunshine.  After the thunderstorms and rain from the past week, we were all happy to see the golden rays.  Penny was so happy the whole time and all Mom or Dad had to do was talk to her and she gave us the biggest laugh and smile. :)   It’s so amazing to see the bond between Amber + Curt + Penelope.  This family is absolutely wonderful and you can definitely see the happiness they all bring one another.  It was so great to spend my best friends’ first Mother’s Day with them and their beautiful baby girl!   Love you guys!

I love this little girl!  See you guys soon! xo

As you all know, I LOVE my family and this year it is going to grow by one!  My cousins, Stacie + Rusty are going to be welcoming baby Alexis in May and I can’t wait to meet her!  She will be the first grand baby and great-grand baby- needless to say she’s already being spoiled. :)  Stacie is so beautiful and I know that both she and Rusty will be amazing parents!  The whole family is counting down the days.  I love you both and can’t wait to see her! xoxo

this year 9 of our couples welcomed little ones into their growing families. it’s always exciting to get that email or call letting us know that one of our former brides is expecting and it makes us so happy if they want photography of milestones along the way. we even had the opportunity to share in the biggest moment during several birth stories.. a true honor resulting in some of the most emotional images we’ve ever taken. we’ve said it many times, but staying in touch and becoming friends with our couples long after wedding day is one of the true joys of this job and we loved every minute we spent with all of you!

December 12, 2012

If you follow the blog, then this sweet face is no stranger to you. :) Throughout the year I’ve been photographing Penny’s birth story and she was born one Saturday morning this past November.  Amber and I joked after her 2nd sonogram appointment that Penny will probably be the most photographed baby and it’s true!  I love this little girl and am so happy for my friends.

I love you guys!  xoxo