September 02, 2014

1 the first time kristie and I met casie and frank was at maureen and justin’s wedding. frank is maureen’s brother and casie was in her bridal party.. she even caught the bouquet at the reception! in fact.. her epic catch is a pretty funny story and obviously worked because it wasn’t long after that night that I heard from them letting me know that they had become engaged. casie and frank love ocean city – it’s where they met when they both worked at dumser’s (frank even proposed at this OC landmark) and they try to get down our way anytime they can with their pups, chester and nyla. so it was only fitting that we would photograph their e-session during one of their visits to the beach which was so much fun! individually they are both so good hearted and funny.. but together? they are hysterical and clearly a perfect match! ┬átheir wedding day was no exception – as kristie headed to the church to be with frank and his guys, I met up with casie at maureen’s house and to be honest, I more than a few deja vu moments. it was so cool to share this day with so many wonderful people that I had already had the pleasure of working with. we all headed to church as we watched the skies.. rain was coming – it wasn’t if, but when – but fortunately, we all got into the church before it hit. everything cleared up just in time when we got to the beautiful ocean pines yacht club and took photos by the water. as we hoped for and had come to expect from maureen and justin’s big day, this crew hit the dance floor as if on a mission! they even extended their reception an hour because no one was ready for the celebration to end. casie and frank, I have adored you both since I first met you and wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

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