April 25, 2014

well, this isn’t exactly an e-session in the true sense… see caitlin and rob were already married in a very small and somewhat secret ceremony that kristie had the pleasure of documenting last year. since then we have kept in touch – running into them at firefly and out and about on the shore. so when they decided that they wanted to throw a shindig celebrating their marriage with all of their family and friends, we were so happy when they asked us to participate. when choosing a location for their e-session, caitlin told me that richmond was one of their favorite places and I thought it was a great idea. we met up at the hotel and followed a path that they had charted out the day before. it was so nice to get to spend this time with them and learn more about them and their relationship – they are such a wonderful couple who are clearly crazy about each other and best friends – they had me and each other laughing the whole evening! I had such an amazing time with them and can’t wait for their big day!