November 06, 2014


cr-172it’s not unusual for me to become good friends with my couples after their wedding – in fact, some of my closest friends here on the shore started as clients. it is, by far, the biggest gift of what I do and something that I am so grateful for. but rarely do I walk into wedding day knowing and loving my couple like I did on caitlin and rob’s wedding day… I even knew that this wasn’t their true wedding day. almost 2 years ago, caitlin contacted the studio about a session in pemberton park. well, the session was actually a wedding ceremony where caitlin and rob, with only 2 friends along to officiate and witness, committed themselves to other.. privately and perfectly. kristie captured each moment of their first evening as man and wife beautifully. fast forward to last june and I was in the photo pit at the firefly music festival in dover as public enemy was about to take the stage… being that I am and always have been a huge fan, I could hardly wait. in my impatience, I began to get fidgety and started taking photos of the crowd behind me. the first faces that my camera found were those of caitlin and rob who were at the very front and it was clear rob was as excited as I was… or as caitlin would later put it ‘like a tween girl at a justin beiber concert’ and we were friends from that day on. knowing that caitlin was a talented photographer herself, that fall we asked her to second shoot with us and loved having her as a part of our team – not only is she gifted at her craft, but she’s just really fun to work with! so when she told me that she and rob were considering having a vow renewal and reception to celebrate their marriage, we were so happy to be a part of it. in april, I traveled to richmond with them for their e-session which was so much fun! richmond is a very special place to them and I loved spending the afternoon with them which led into the evening when we shared a delicious meal together and got to know each other even better. their love, friendship, committment, and mutual respect for each other is just so amazing to watch. they are truly a couple who are meant for each other and as their big day grew closer, I was looking so forward to spending it with my friends.

that morning, the weather was nasty.. not just iffy – nasty.gross.rainy.cold. and my heart ached for them. as I got to the hotel and bryan headed to their loft to meet up with rob, I kept my eyes to the sky – attempting jedi mind tricks to make the rain stop. in her suite, caitlin was obviously not thrilled about the conditions, but was not letting that get her down as she laughed and got ready with her friends and family. then the rain stopped.. and stayed stopped! caitlin and I headed down to the plaza where rob was waiting for their first look and all of the stress from the planning, logistics, and weather just melted away as they saw each other for the first time. the bridal party joined us shortly thereafter and bryan and I had so much fun with this crew – they’re pretty hysterical and a blast to work with! the event was at boonies, and if you’ve ever been there before you know that it’s a pretty cool place on an average day – but when I walked out onto the deck, it took my breath away.. it was simply gorgeous. adorned with beautiful flowers, strings of twinkle lights, and candles for days, it had been transformed into a wonderland. guests took their seats in front of the fireplace, under the canopy of the forest, and waited for caitlin to join her husband. rob may or may not have cried (he totally did!) when his eyes found caitlin and they shared vows of humor, commitment, and love.. so much love. sealed with a kiss!

now the reception.. I have seen a lot in over a decade of photographing weddings. a lot. but caitlin and rob’s reception had a couple of firsts.. I have never seen a groom skillfully take the mike and rap for his bride – given his public enemy super fan status, I shouldn’t have been surprised and it was pretty awesome. and stripping.. not something you’d expect during toasts. but when rob’s best man, brad, decided to make up for not providing rob with a proper bachelor party with a little peep show of his own? well, it was something that none of us will soon forget :)

to say that I’m happy for you is an understatement.. I know what you’ve traveled to get to this moment and your relationship is a pretty powerful example of how love should be. I am so grateful for your friendship and wish you all of the happiness in the world. love you both!

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