August 29, 2011

I met up with caitlin and brian in the beautiful town of saint michaels on a fairly ominous afternoon – as I made the drive, I navigated through some of the strongest rains I had seen in a ling time but the radar said that st. mikes was clear – and it was. but big dark scary clouds loomed. with a positive attitude we strolled through the historic streets, certain or at least hoping the rain would stay away – and it did… for a good part of our session. but while we were in the park, suddenly brian said “rain” and the skies opened as we sought shelter in a gazebo¬†a short jog from where we were shooting. caitlin and I of course blamed brian :) but the deluge was short lived and we finished up. they are getting married in november at the oaks and I am so excited to work with them!

I had a great afternoon with you both and am really looking forward to your wedding – see you soon!