July 09, 2009


bryan is probably the closest thing I have to a little brother. we’re both only children and our families have been friends for generations – so I’ve known him forever. his parents have basically taken on the role of my surrogate parents since mine have passed away. once I moved back from colorado and to snow hill – I would see him whenever he came home to see his parents and he and I have gotten pretty close over the years. so when his mom ann called me and said “bryan’s getting married!” I immediately blurted out – “I’m doing the photos!!!!” then I let her finish her statement – he was getting married… eloping… to jamaica. as I write this – they have tied the knot – as of yesterday in negril. but I did have a chance to do an engagement session before they left. he and his wife (wow!) melissa were such good sports. I had to meet them EARLY because they were only down for the weekend and I had a wedding on saturday and they had plans for most of the day on sunday – so that morning, we met and began to wander snow hill, shooting at will. the skies opened  briefly and showered us, but then it cleared up to a beautiful morning!








congratulations bryan and melissa!!! I wish you so much love and happiness as you begin your life together!

  • Raye,
    You are so talented!!!! These are excellent photos and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them.