December 05, 2012

 Fall is one my favorite seasons- especially for weddings!   Brittney and I were childhood friends and when she told me she was getting married I was not only happy for her but excited because I was going to be able to see some old friends.   I knew this wedding was going to be unique and gorgeous after I saw all of the handmade bouquets + boutonnieres that Brittney had put together.  This wedding had so many amazing details throughout the day that added a personal touch resulting in an intimate + rustic atmosphere.  First, they were getting married in Scott’s hometown at a quaint little church that his family has attended for years.  The original stained glass windows cast the room aglow with light and color throughout their ceremony.  Brittney had her friend read Owly- a book her mother used to read her as a child.  This was Brittney’s first lesson on love and she wanted to incorporate in her big day. :)  Afterwards, they sped away to the reception in Ol’ Blue, Scott’s truck that had been decorated by friends + family.  At the reception, Brittney + her mom had a surprise dance to get the party started and the rest of the night was history!  I know true love when I see it, and every time I turned around Brittney + Scott were either kissing, laughing or just holding each other tight, lost in their own moment.  I’m so happy that they’ve found their happily ever after with each other!


Thank you so much for allowing me to share this big day with you!  I’m so happy for you both! xoxo Kristie