August 29, 2014


when choosing a location to get married, brent and randy did some research. they knew that they wanted to come to maryland, but weren’t interested in spending this special time amidst the hustle and bustle of somewhere urban like baltimore. instead, they fell in love with the serenity and charm of eastern shore and traveled here from their home in north carolina. when they first contacted me, I knew that they were planning to get married at our courthouse here in snow hill and wanted some photos done. what I didn’t know then is just how much I would enjoy our session and that it would quickly become one of my favorite experiences with a couple this year. brent and randy are both so warm and funny and from the second I met them it was if I had known them for a very long time. we strolled the streets of my little town both before and after their ceremony and couldn’t stop talking as we would stop to take some photographs. however brief my time was with them, I will remember it for a very long time and wish them so much happiness.

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