September 19, 2014


Ever since I met Bonnie + Derek during their engagement session this past June, I couldn’t wait for their wedding. Bonnie + Derek are one of those couples that you can just click with, and from the moment I arrived at the historic Woodlawn Manor, I was welcomed by their family and knew that it was going to be an amazing day.

As the finishing touches for the day were going on, Bonnie and I headed over to Sandy Spring Friends School to meet Derek for their first look. Derek proposed there, so it was the perfect spot to have his first glance of his beautiful bride. One of my favorite things about this couple is their playful and loving nature. When they are around each other, their happiness just radiates!

Back at Woodlawn Manor, it was time for the ceremony to begin and Bonnie’s father played the bagpipes as he led the processional – including Best Dog, Grover! During the Quaker ceremony, a Meeting for Worship was held where guests were invited to voice heartfelt support for the couple, which was so moving. Bonnie and Derek exchanged their funny and sweet vows they wrote for one another – and they capped the whole ceremony off with an at-alter selfie!

After the ceremony, the party really started. Bonnie + Derek thought of every detail including a photo booth and a dual flavor slushie machine! Everywhere I turned, their guests were smiling and laughing. All of their family and guests were so warm and welcoming, it felt like being among friends all night. The second Bonnie + Derek kicked off the dance floor, it stayed packed for the whole night – especially as our groom led the Wobble! The only time there was a break in the dancing was for the guests to indulge in the amazing cake made by a friend of the couple.

Bonnie and Derek, I am so thrilled for you two and am so happy to have been able to capture the day as the Goats Got Married!! Congratulations!

Thank you to all of these amazing vendors that made Bonnie + Derek’s wedding a smash!


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