May 05, 2011

I met up with becky and her mother at their wedding location, wye island, on monday where we did a venue tour with the other vendors. I am so excited that they are getting married there! I remember the first time I met with becky and wye island was one of a couple of choices. I was, shall we say.. maybe a little encouraging wye mills. I love shooting at new locations and when they are as original as becky and darin’s wedding venue – well then I’m over the moon! so as everyone else was wrapping it up, becky and I went to cordova to meet up with darin at his grandmother’s farm. as I pulled up I saw lush fields, old trucks and hay bales – who was a happy photographer?? yep me! but with becky and darin, it could have been a cardboard box for a location and they still would have made it easy and fun. they are just so natural and easy going that it was like I wasn’t even there – my favorite!   

thank you guys for such a fun day at your farm! I am so excited to work with you both soon!!

  • Love them!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the wedding!!!

  • I love all your pictures. They definitely capture who the couple is, can’t wait for the big day Becky, its going to be beautiful.