January 08, 2013

if I’m honest, I fall a little bit in love with all of my couples. it’s nearly impossible to spend all of the time before the wedding communicating, shooting the esession and planning the timeline THEN a full day together on wedding day and not to get attached – I feel very lucky to call a lot of my clients good friends. then there are a few that I get pretty emotionally attached to long after albums have been designed and shipped off – deborah and aram are one of those couples. to read all about these amazing people click here and here. needless to say, when I heard that they were expecting I was thrilled because I knew welcoming a biological child into their family had been a real uncertainty. then came news that evan, this little miracle had arrived and soon after they contacted me about photos. we all decided that their home in cambridge (where they got married) would be an ideal location and set a date. as I walked through the door, I was greeted with big bear hugs from aram and deborah as evan slept in his grandmother’s arms. deborah and I brought him into the bedroom to get him dressed and as his sleepy eyes opened and looked up at me, I was in love. not only is he adorable, but I knew what my friends had been through prior to this moment and all of that love was wrapped up in this little boy.  to say I am happy for you is such an understatement – I am so grateful to know you and call you my friends and I know that your life with evan will be the most amazing journey xoxo