January 06, 2011


okay – let’s just get this out of the way. I am old.  now I know that 40 is the new 30 – or is it 20? regardless, when shooting the e-session of a girl you remember as practically a toddler who has grown up into this stunning woman – seemingly overnight – AND she’s getting married?! well it signals that it’s time for my AARP membership. in all seriousness, I do remember ashley as a little girl where along with her 2 brothers, we were all on a local swim team together. over the years I have seen them all as they returned home for holidays and family celebrations - and I remember the first time that ashley brought mike home to meet the family because they all came into the palette. so when I was told of her engagement I was super happy for her – then when I was asked if I was available to shoot the wedding, I was excited and honored - then when I found out that they were having the wedding at the american visionary art museum in baltimore – well… that was a beautiful fluffy bow on an already perfect present. ashley and mike are pretty busy people, so we were able to get together on christmas eve while they were home to shoot their session. I had to make a delivery early that morning and as I was coming home I drove by this field that for whatever reason, I had never noticed before and decided it would be an amazing location for the shoot. fortunately ashley & mike went along with me and trudged out into the weeds and left over snow. the light was beautiful and my couple even more so – so much fun!












ashley & mike – to say I’m excited for your wedding would be an understatement – I can’t wait!  thank you for such a great afternoon and session – see you soon!