June 23, 2014


I’ll be the first one to admit – I get couple crushes.. all the time. it goes a little something like this: you get an email from a couple, and not just any couple – but a couple who is contacting you because they are either a referral from a favorite client which means that they’re awesome by association or they are just so excited and happy to be getting married that their enthusiasm translates the anonymity of email. ashleigh and kevin were both – the subject line for very first email was ‘he put a ring on it!’. then you schedule the consultation which sometimes actually feels like a blind date.. you wonder if they’ll like you, you hope they will – will you be a photographic match made in heaven? well, when ashleigh and kevin walked in to the studio, coming at me with big bear hugs and warm smiles from the start.. well, I was smitten. then when she pulled out their organizer, affectionally dubbed ‘kevin + ashleigh’s brilliant and blissful trapper keeper of love’, I was powerless not to fall for them and my crush was born. after that I got a 4 page written telling of their proposal as well as the most thorough completion of our getting-to-know-you questionnaire that I had ever received. needless to say, I couldn’t wait until their esession that was photographed at a very special place to them, a family home on the eastern shore of virginia named homeplace. their wedding also took place here and as jillian and I drove down the dirt road leading to the house, I was looking so forward to seeing my new friends. as I had come to expect by now, ashleigh jumped up and gave me a hug.. while she had a hot curling iron attached to her hair. everyone is the house was so happy and excited, each joining in to help make the day spectacular. and.. we were all watching the weather. closely. and not all that thrilled about it. rain was going to happen – it was just a matter of when. fortunately, by the time ashleigh and kevin were ready for their first look, the afternoon was still clear and calm. as she walked down the dock to meet him, I think I was almost as excited as they were. almost.. but not quite. it was easily one of my favorite first looks ever – that first moment of ‘wow!’ followed by some happy tearing up and then came the laughs and giggles. ashleigh and kevin make each other laugh and share so much joy when they are together that it’s infectious – you simply can’t help but to be as happy as they are when you’re with them, which is my favorite thing about them. we were able to photograph their portraits and those of the bridal party and then you could hear the first clap of thunder. everyone ran inside and the speculation and conversation began as to what the plan for the ceremony would be. as rain poured in buckets, it was decided that they would get married under the tent and in their typical fashion, ashleigh and kevin didn’t bat an eye. they just wanted to say their vows in front of family and friends and be each other’s.. forever. I simply couldn’t be happier for you! getting to know you and spending time with you both has been one of the highlights of this season for me. you are truly special individuals but together you are amazing and I wish you so much love and happiness. xoxo

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