October 30, 2013

when the first email that I receive from a prospective client has ‘he put a ring on it!’ as the subject line, I am immediately intrigued. once I opened it, I read that ashleigh had been following the blog for quite a while and was also friends with some of our favorite clients. after some schedule checking, we set up a consultation for the earliest possible date for her and kevin to come in. I was actually out back at my jeep when they got here so kris welcomed them into the studio and once I came in, ashleigh gave me the best hug ever… needless to say, I couldn’t wait to hear all about their big day. the second sign that we were going to be a perfect fit was that they had a trapper keeper.. yes, a trapper keeper. I didn’t even know that they made those anymore! and even better, it was named ‘kevin and ashleigh’s brilliant and blissful trapper keeper of love’… kris and I were smitten. when telling us about their wedding, they said that it was all going to take place at her family home in virginia, appropriately named homeplace, and we decided that shooting their esession there would be ideal so that I could see it.. plus it’s a very special place to them. every year, her family has a event called ‘scottoberfest’ and we scheduled the session for the day after that. I didn’t have a clue how big this bash was – as I drove down the drive I saw tents dotting the landscape and a lot of folks, with their dogs by their side, enjoying their morning coffee. as I was introduced to everyone, more warm hugs and big smiles greeted me – I love this family!! then I got a chance to explore with ashleigh and kevin, loving everything I saw. from the fields, to the dock and all of the outbuilding, it was a photographer’s dream but it paled in comparison to the fun I had with them. they laugh… all.the.time. they are so clearly in love and are such a perfect match that working with them was ridiculously easy from the first image I snapped. I couldn’t be more excited to work with them again in that magical place…

thank you for such a wonderful morning! it was wonderful to meet your friends and family and spend more time with the two of you – I can’t wait to see you again! :)