November 21, 2012

the day I met up with artemis and jay for their esession, it was a big day. not only did they close on their first house together earlier that afternoon but they were also returning to their alma mater, saint mary’s, for the first time together since they graduated. it was a gorgeous afternoon and we started down by the water. it was really cool to hear them talk about certain memories that were associated with different spots on campus as we strolled around. then we hit the sports field – artemis was a rugby player and jay played baseball. as soon as they started playing on the field, I fell a little in love with them. they clearly have such an amazing connection and have so much fun together, it was a joy just to hang out with them, let alone photograph them. I am so SO excited to work with them again on wedding day!


thanks again for such a great day! can’t wait to see you again :)