September 16, 2016

1I have been photographing weddings long enough to have a pretty good idea as to how the day is going to go. of course, every wedding and every couple is different, but typically the day doesn’t divert far from getting ready, ceremony, portraits of family + my couple, and then reception. sometimes everything is in one location, others there is travel from place to placeā€¦ perhaps there’s a first look. but aparna and payam’s wedding was a first for me.. all around. the day began early at the temple ~ there were to be 2 different ceremonies. first, there was the hindu ceremony which was so beautiful and filled with tradition and symbolism. aparna and payam had detailed programs written up for their guests and they shared, step by step, what each small ceremony meant which was such a wonderful way to include everyone they love. and then, after a short break to the temple, they returned for a bahai ceremony which consisted of prayers, poems, and the exchange of rings. friends and family joined them for hugs and congratulations before everyone enjoyed lunch. 3 hours later, we all met again at the harbor in fells point. laura joined me then and we were with aparna as she changed for the evening event, a reception on the water. even though they were already married from the morning ceremonies, aparna and payam decided on a first look which we loved! the excitement and anticipation were as if they hadn’t seen each other all day. they are such a magical couple and are just lovely to capture when they’re together. after an entrance that brought everyone.. and I mean everyone, out on to the dance floor, aparna and payam delighted their guests with a choreographed first dance that began with the the love they have for each other and ended with the fun they have together ~ it was perfect! the reception was truly a family event as their parents and dearest friends toasted (and sometimes roasted :) ) them. they spoke of their meeting in medical school and their life together as a couple. they are so clearly admired and loved by everyone who knows them and everyone was so happy that this day had finally come. I adored everything about your wedding and am so happy to have been a part of such a special day. we wish you so much love and happiness in your life together!

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