November 14, 2011

I guess it’s because I’ve done it twice, but I am always so excited for someone who starts their own business. and when it’s a friend.. well there’s not much I won’t do to help them. so when andrea told me that she was finally following her dream and opening her own salon, I was beyond happy for her – and when she asked me if I would shoot some promotional photos I was over the moon. andrea’s sister courtney owns a salon here in town and is a good friend – she was actually our stylist for our editorial sessions last spring and I love that they will both have their own places – such talented ladies! the name of andrea’s salon is prim and her location is to die for – smack dab in the center of annapolis’ towne centre. all salon info is on her facebook page as well as on our final photo design at the end of this post. I had so much fun with her during this session – she claims to hate having her photo taken, but she rocked it!

and our final and favorite – andrea I know you’re going to be amazing and be such a success! thanks so much for allowing me to contribute :)