April 07, 2016

001a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving up the shore to visit chesapeake college. this was my first time there and I as soon as I got onto campus, I was so impressed. the grounds themselves are beautifully landscaped and easy to navigate and the buildings are thoughtful in their modern design. my friend bridget lowrie is a professor there and had planned an event for students taking her law office practice and ethics class. bridget had invited some of the most respected legal professionals practicing here on the shore to come share their experience with the attendees. each panelist began with a brief history of their career and the changes that had come as their profession had evolved over the years. from the clerk of court to criminal law attorneys, there wasn’t much that either one or all of the panelists hadn’t had personal experience with during their lengthy careers. the attendees were a blend of first and second year students who had thoughtful questions regarding hiring practices, career growth, as well as advice for potential professional challenges along the way. I even learned a thing or two and got some new ideas as a small business owner myself. the event definitely made an impact, as the students continue to bring up in class the topics that the panelists covered that day and some specific issues which they elaborated on – each from their unique perspective. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and hope to be involved with a similar event at the college.

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