October 29, 2015

132amanda and seth were married at the rackliffe house which is a stunning historic estate located on assateague. this was our first wedding there and what a way to be introduced to this lovely location.. a perfect fall wedding with such a wonderful couple! they had chosen to photograph their engagement session there as well, so we knew how much this place had come to mean to them. as amanda and her ladies got the hair and makeup done at a perfect face salon, seth and his groomsmen arrived at the rackliffe. the weather and setting were ideal and as they prepared to see each other for their first look, the world stopped.. if only for a moment. the ceremony took place on the steps the rackliffe house and as amanda and seth sealed their vows with their first kiss as man and wife, cheers erupted from the gathered family and friends. the celebration continued into the reception where after some funny and touching toasts, the party really began! the dance floor was full and hopping as everyone enjoyed such a wonderful day. as they departed through the glow of sparklers, amanda and seth were headed into this new adventure as man and wife and we couldn’t be happier for them!

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