1I’ve known my dear friend, amanda, for quite a few years now. initially we met when we worked together at my restaurant and while we were co-workers and friends, we didn’t really know each other that well. in the 6 years since, however, through many changes in both of our lives, I have come to love her and appreciate all of the many things that I have learned about her and from her. I watched her as she became a mother to her son orion and have marveled in how she seems to navigate everything with such ease and grace. so when she told me that she and chris were expecting their second child, I was so happy. unlike our chilly session when amanda was expecting orion, for indigo’s session, we had a beautiful day and headed to assateague. orion is such a happy little boy and is clearly excited to meet his little sister and documenting their family during our time together was such a joy. I am so very happy for all of you and am counting the days until I have the pleasure of meeting your daughter. I love you! xoxo

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