April 24, 2013

I have been blessed with knowing this couple for a while now;  Aly is my husband’s cousin and since we were kids I have been hearing stories about her.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t really gotten to spend much quality with her until last year.  Once they set a date, we were on the phone constantly, and it felt like we had been best friends our whole life.  When she would talk about Lindsey, I could hear the smile in her voice, and I knew she had truly found the one.  My thoughts were confirmed when we went to dinner together, and their eyes would light up when they would look at each other and they would blush at old stories.  They have one of those magical kinds of loves that you hear about in books, it’s no wonder Nicolas Sparks lives in their town.

We did a pre-wedding photo shoot in Rehoboth so they could get all the beach pictures that they wanted and had plenty of time to just relax and appreciate their wedding day.  As they were enjoying their picnic on the porch of the Delaware Inn, you could hear a passerby congratulate them, and it certainly was not the first.  Everyone was telling them how beautiful they were and how happy they were for them.  Although they weren’t married yet, you could see their anticipation growing by the second.

Their wedding was intimate and perfect, and the ceremony brought a tear to everyone’s eyes, including mine.  My favorite part was when the officiant announced that they were finally wife and wife.  I absolutely loved the look on Lindsey’s face; it was a mix between pure bliss and amazement, they had actually gotten to this moment in their life.  As they were enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne on the riverbank, I felt so happy for them.  They have been through so much together, including the recent legalization of their marriage, and they haven’t let anything get in their way.  I cannot wait to see all the future brings them, and I am so thankful that they are my family.

Wishing you the happiest of futures!  xoxo