April 28, 2015

aj1last year I had the honor of traveling to charleston, south carolina for adrianne and jimmy’s intimate destination wedding. it was by far one of the most beautiful and memorable events that I’ve ever photographed – by the time I left to come back home, I felt as though I had been hugged tightly into this amazing family and it was wonderful. that alone would have been enough.. more than enough. but fortunately, adrianne and jimmy wanted to do it all again here on the shore so that they could include the many friends and family who weren’t able to make the journey south last fall. the room at fager’s was filling up quickly with all of their guests, some of whom hadn’t seen each other in ages and lovely little reunions were happening everywhere. as adrianne and jimmy entered the beautifully decorated space as the already-married-mr-and-mrs-oh, cheers and applause welcomed them. after a ‘renewing’ of their vows.. concentrating on the important stuff of marriage, you know.. like video games and shoe purchases, they made their way around the reception. the sun was setting and that famous fager’s view was so perfect for their portraits – I thought it was so cool to have these in addition to their charleston photos.. different, yet full of the same love and joy that radiated from them the day they were wed. I am so very happy that I was able to share in yet another special day of your journey together and to see your family and friends again was so awesome.. especially mama charlene :) I wish you so much love and happiness and am so grateful to call you friends – love you!


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