September 04, 2014


I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple at kate and mark’s wedding where adrianne was a bridesmaid. since then, kate and mark have had a baby and we’ve gotten together several times for sessions of their son’s milestones. during my most recent shoot with kate and her son trey, she happened to mentioned that adrianne and jimmy had gotten engaged and were planning to get married in charleston.. she immediately had my attention. not only did I remember adrianne and jimmy being so much fun at kate’s wedding, but charleston is one of my favorite places. a couple of days later adrianne contacted me and I was so happy that she asked me to photograph their wedding. when we were discussing their e-session, adrianne suggested fager’s island because it’s such an important place for her and jimmy and I loved the idea. we had a beautiful afternoon beside the bay and I enjoyed hearing all of the planning that was happening behind the scenes for their big day. I am looking so forward to spending more time with you and to have the opportunity to document your wedding… I am counting the days!!

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