• my perfect sunday: during the summer I like to wake up late, maybe discover a new place to have breakfast, and take the rest of the day wherever it may lead.. either to the beach or just relaxing at home and listening to music. in the fall and winter, it’s all about football, big sunday dinners, knitting, and spending time with people that I love.
  • my go-to coffeehouse order: house dark roast with steamed breve or a chai latte ~ both made extra hot.. even in august. and, if they offer it, my latest obsession.. in-house baked pop tarts!
  • my ben + jerry’s flavor: and no, it’s not solely because of the name… but I do love me some cherry garcia
  • my favorite quote: ‘I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously wordless sensation of living ecstatically.’ – anais nin
  • the best place I’ve ever been and where I want to go:  last winter I went to paris and it was a trip I had wanted to take for over two decades. it was everything I dreamt it would be, but selfishly, I can’t wait to return.. at a different time of year, with people who will love it as much as I do. in the short term I want to go back to nashville or new orleans this year and my next bucket list trip is bali.
  • my sign and does it fit: whether or not being a gemini defines my personality would probably depend on who you ask… but some characteristics of the twins that I do see in me are: I’m inquisitive, I like trying new things and meeting new people, I’m stubborn, I’m easily bored, I love creative pursuits, and I can usually adapt quickly to new situations. I am not, however, very outgoing – at least initially. and I am not ‘the life of the party’ which probably explains why I’m much more comfortable behind the camera instead of in front of it.
  • my favorite app: lately I am addicted to my feedly app – I am in the process of redesigning almost every room in my home and to have all of my favorite blogs in one spot can keep me inspired for hours (a beautiful messdesign milk, sf girl by bay and magnolia are just a few of my favorites)
  • my favorite part of wedding day: every season this always seems to change.. but I would say that the time I am able to spend alone with my couple, either before or after their ceremony, is the best. however much I may thrive on the excitement and pace of the ceremony or reception, the quiet time with two people in love is such a beautiful thing to capture.

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