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January 02, 2018

001happy new year! as we welcome 2018, we begin thinking about all of the new opportunities that lay ahead of us in the new year. already, we are working with some amazing new couples as well as planning projects with past clients and old friends. there are going to be many changes and we are busy making plans, taking new action, and writing lists… lots and lots of lists. but this is also the time that we look back on the previous year and reflect on all of the joy that 2017 offered. we traveled and had the opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met. so, as we have done in the past, we are kicking off the best-of posts with engagement sessions. these shoots are typically the first time we work with new couples and they are such a great way to really get to know our clients. we collaborate when choosing locations so that the session reflects them as a couple.. their interests and loves. last year we shot everywhere from artscape and the tucked away streets of fells point to family farms and private beaches ~ we even had the honor of documenting a proposal! each location and couple were so uniquely special as we all took this initial step into telling the visual story leading up to their wedding day. as we choose the photographs for these best of blogposts, we are reminded of just how amazing this past year was and are so grateful to have been able to document such important moments in the lives of our clients. thank you all so much for making 2017 a year to remember!

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