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August 07, 2017

001I met klaus years ago and once we learned of all of our common connections, it was surprising that we hadn’t met before we did. we basically live a stone’s throw away from each other and he is related to some of my closest friends. small town living folks… if you haven’t met your neighbors, you will and typically it’s under some pretty cool circumstances. shortly after meeting klaus, I met becky one night and it was clear how much they meant to each other by the small things.. a look, a laugh ~ things that only the two of them shared. fast forward many years and I was working in my home office when there was a knock at my door – it was klaus. ‘well, we’re doing it! we’re getting married! and we’d like to have the wedding on the fourth of july.’ he declared as he followed me into the kitchen. we went over some of their plans and I set about getting my schedule open to document this happy day. when I told mutual friends that I was photographing their wedding, many thought that klaus and becky had already married years ago – they are just that type of couple who has fit since day one and seemed destined to be side by side forever. the wedding was held at their home and was a collective effort between family and friends. from the decor, to the cake and the bouquets, everything was done for them by those that love them and all of these people gathered to celebrate them on a summer afternoon. a moving ceremony, a lovely reception, and even a finale jump into their pool made for a day all of us will remember. I am so very happy for all of you and wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

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