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August 21, 2017

1I first met seanna when she was a bridesmaid in nettie + bryan’s wedding and have had the pleasure of getting to know her more at her sister, erin’s, wedding to nick, and then again when lindsey and jeremy got married.  but this is the first time that I’ve actually worked with her and her husband, matt. this was also the first time that I was meeting their adorable daughter, dylan, and family pup, ruca. we had an absolutely perfect day on assteague which is a favorite place for all of us. from the first snap of my shutter, I loved this session. dylan is such an adorable little girl and happiest when she is in the arms of her parents. and ruca.. we were soul mates from the get go. I had such a wonderful time and hope that this is one of many more sessions to come!

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August 18, 2017

1several years ago, when I first met kristin and rob, I was struck by their kindness and their warmth… and I clearly remember thinking to myself, ‘they are going to be such awesome parents.’ since then, there has been a wedding and many sessions in between but as I drove up to annapolis to meet their daughter, amelia, for the first time, I recalled that first day. this sweet little nugget was awake, alert, and I swear that she gave me a little grin when I bent down to say hello. and my friends? they are so smitten over their girl, so in love with her and each other ~ to document such joy made my heart smile. I am looking so forward to watching you all grow together over the years.. love you!! xoxo

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August 15, 2017

1I can’t help but get a little sentimental in this post. if I’m honest, I’ve been looking really forward to this blogpost and dreading it at the same time…. just a little bit. see, I’ve been photographing this girl since she was 11. what began as a family session turned into a working relationship, which turned into a friendship, all of which has resulted in a creative collaboration that has given me so much inspiration and joy over the years. these are all wonderful things ~ indeed they are. working with lexie (and her sister payton) has been so amazing since day one.. she is not only is my friend – she is my little sister and my muse. but she is leaving. in just a few short days, she is leaving for college and while I am over-the-moon-happy for her I am going to miss her like crazy. every time that I have needed a model over the past 7 years, lexie has been my first call and every time that she has needed photos, I have been hers. I have dressed this child in mini skirts and popped her into the middle of a snow covered field during blizzard-like conditions. I have clamped her into wedding dresses before she was 14 years old. I have dressed her in faux fur, bell bottoms, evening dresses, and tutus. and during every session, she inevitably wears something of mine that I throw on her last minute. there isn’t anything that I have ever asked of her that she hasn’t done – with a professionalism that has always surpassed her years. I remember the first time the girls drove themselves to a session – it took me a second to realize that yes, they were old enough to drive. and when lexie said that her boyfriend was going to be joining us at the end of this most recent session, the notion of photographing her with a guy.. HER guy, made me smile from ear to ear. by the very nature of what I do for a living, I am around a lot of pretty people ~ but what makes lexie and payton as breathtakingly beautiful as they are is who they have grown into as young women. they are smart, they are funny, they are compassionate, and they are both so very kind. and so to commemorate this last session with my girl (for now…) I have pulled some of my favorite photos from all of my sessions with lexie leading up to our most recent shoot. I love you more that I can put into words and am so very proud of you, sweets  xoxoxo

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August 15, 2017

1when I get an inquiry about an upcoming proposal, I immediately get excited. so much planning goes into it.. the location, the time of day, the story to keep the surprise alive. and when luke contacted me, we only had a week! he and his (then)girlfriend, paige, were taking a road trip and were making a stop at chincoteague. because they had never visited before, figuring out exactly where to go was an interesting exchange of emails :) we decided on the lighthouse as one, it’s gorgeous – and two, it’s pretty tucked back there and it would be easy to find each other. as the morning arrived, I drove down to chincoteague and started texting luke… maybe pop the question at the top of the lighthouse? well, there was a really long line. could they bring their bikes up there? probably not. meanwhile, paige was enjoying the scenery and stopping here and there to take photos as they biked the nature trail while all luke could think about was getting her to the lighthouse so that he could ask her to be with him.. forever. I knew it was them as soon as they rounded the corner leading up to the lighthouse and after luke and I made some brief eye contact, he turned and got down on one knee. happy tears and laughter followed as paige said yes and luke got up to hug his new fiancé. I couldn’t be happier for you both and was very honored to capture such an important moment. cheers!

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August 11, 2017

1ahhhhh… there are so many reasons that I love this session. the first and most obvious are these two amazing people… I first met kristin at (another) kristin and rob’s wedding where she was a bridesmaid. and although it was our first meeting, I already knew who she was because of a facebook. I shall explain… I photographed kristin and rob’s engagement session in saint michaels and posted the session on the blog a few weeks later. fast forward to the saint mikes wine festival and (this) kristin and fellow bridesmaid, jennifer, with the blogpost in hand on their phone, wandered the streets to ‘recreate’ the session in their own special way. once I saw their take on facebook, I was immediately in love with them both ~ it.was.awesome. since then, we have all stayed in touch and once I heard of kristin’s engagement to will, I was so happy for her and when she contacted me to photograph their wedding, I was even happier. they are getting married at rams head… a fitting location for a rock star. because she really is – a rock star that is. she is the lead vocalist in several bands in baltimore and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her sing several times – amazing! it’s also the first wedding at rams head, ever, and I am like a kid waiting for christmas to document this epic day. so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me when kristin and will suggested artscape as a possible location for their e-session. without pausing it was a big yes, yes, YES from me. when I went to MICA, artscape was like our super bowl and I have usually been booked and unable to attend since moving back to the east coast. but when you have a session intersect with an event, there is no rescheduling.. even if the forecast calls for rain, or storms, and thunder + lightning.. and such. kristin and will didn’t bat an eye.. we were on, weather be damned and it was such an amazing afternoon. I love a truly collaborative session where I have my vision and my couple have their ideas and they all come together in the coolest of ways.. I could have kept shooting for days. this sneak peek into working with the two of you only makes me more excited for wedding day…. tock, tock – I will see you SOON! xoxo

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August 08, 2017

1the last time we worked with the villani family was two years ago. jillian photographed this beautiful bunch shortly after their youngest son, evan, had arrived and to join siblings cate and ryan. needless to say, everyone has grown up quite a bit since then and we returned to the beaches of assateague for their latest session. when we met up in the parking lot, it wasn’t looking good… although clear, you could hear thunder rumbling in the distance and all the weather apps were showing doom and gloom but we decided to go for it – and I’m so glad that we did! the bad thing about an incoming storm is the uncertainty and there were moments that we took shelter under the walking bridge. but the awesome thing about summer storms is the dramatic sky and the lighting it provides and we took full advantage of this crazy weather. family sessions are typically a team sport.. with parents helping me with positioning the kids, letting me know the little things that make them smile, etc. but on this day, the whole family was on board! I’ve included some outtakes in this post that made me giggle.. from evan doing some mid-session stretching to big sister cate helping me to get a smile with her stuffed animal. I had so much fun with all of you and am looking so forward to the next time!

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August 07, 2017

001I met klaus years ago and once we learned of all of our common connections, it was surprising that we hadn’t met before we did. we basically live a stone’s throw away from each other and he is related to some of my closest friends. small town living folks… if you haven’t met your neighbors, you will and typically it’s under some pretty cool circumstances. shortly after meeting klaus, I met becky one night and it was clear how much they meant to each other by the small things.. a look, a laugh ~ things that only the two of them shared. fast forward many years and I was working in my home office when there was a knock at my door – it was klaus. ‘well, we’re doing it! we’re getting married! and we’d like to have the wedding on the fourth of july.’ he declared as he followed me into the kitchen. we went over some of their plans and I set about getting my schedule open to document this happy day. when I told mutual friends that I was photographing their wedding, many thought that klaus and becky had already married years ago – they are just that type of couple who has fit since day one and seemed destined to be side by side forever. the wedding was held at their home and was a collective effort between family and friends. from the decor, to the cake and the bouquets, everything was done for them by those that love them and all of these people gathered to celebrate them on a summer afternoon. a moving ceremony, a lovely reception, and even a finale jump into their pool made for a day all of us will remember. I am so very happy for all of you and wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

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