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July 25, 2017

1clary is the niece of some friends of mine who live where, I personally think, is one of the most lovely spots on the eastern shore. the farm has been a labor of love since the day I met them and every time I visit, it’s more beautiful than the time before… it also happens to be where clary and evan are getting married this fall. typically, I like to mix it up and photograph the engagement session at a different location than the wedding, but we made an exception for obvious reasons. not only could they show me where everything was going to take place in september, but we could also include their pup, keeva, in the session. very important indeed! we had a beautiful afternoon to work together for the first time and they are so adorable together and very excited for wedding day. keeva was a natural from the first photo snapped until the end of the session :) I am looking so forward to seeing you again soon for the big day!

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