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December 12, 2016

1it has been 11 years since I photographed liz and john’s december wedding ~ 11 years! since then, they have become dear friends as well as participating in every event and session the studio has offered. from family sessions, to santa paws and valentines day, it has been such a pleasure to watch their family grow and their journey as a couple unfold. I remember when both of their sons, mason and cooper, were infants.. so to see these two funny, smart, and kind young men before me kind of blows me away! they are growing up SO fast! liz and john, as has been the case since I first met them, are happiest when snuggled up together and with their boys. the love and friendship that they share only grows stronger with each passing year. I had such a lovely time with all of you and look so forward to the next time that we are together. xoxo

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