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December 07, 2016

1since photographing their wedding¬†4 years ago, susan and mike have become 2 of my favorite people and dear friends. I also became quite smitten with their pup, lucy, on their wedding day ~ any couple who includes their dog in their wedding is automatically one of my favorites‚Ķ obviously :) over the summer, I was told the happy news that they were expecting and it was mike who suggested that we get together to document this happy time. (his second best idea ever!) so we met up on a beautiful fall morning to catch up and capture this next chapter in their family story. I was thrilled that lucy was able to join us! my sweet girl is getting up there in age and traveling isn’t always easy ~ but as always, she was so loving and happy and our session wouldn’t have been the same without her. I just returned from colorado and while I was away, their son carter was born ~ I am looking so forward to meeting him later this week! I am so happy for my friends and so grateful that I have the honor to be a small part of this lovely time. love you all! xoxo

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