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October 28, 2016

1this was such a wonderful day! and I knew from the first time that I spoke with amanda, that this would be a wedding to remember. as I arrived at the hotel to meet up with my lovely bride, the sun was sparkling off the ocean, all of her friends were enthusiastically helping her get ready, and there was coffee waiting for me ~ winning! meanwhile, kris headed to lighthouse sound where ryan was hanging out with his friends and their son, liam. I don’t think anyone was more excited for this day than liam! all dressed up, he wandered the grounds of lighthouse sound, greeted a visiting turtle, and prepped for his ring bearer duties. as amanda and I arrived at lighthouse, ryan headed down to the bridge for their first look. as she approached ryan, what began as a slow walk but quickly evolved into almost a jog as she threw her arms around her love. those moments are my favorite… where they have a moment to privately share all that this day means to them… how they got here, and the excitement of their future together. the ceremony was one that included all of their family and friends, topped off by a sand unity session with liam. kristie and I had such a wonderful time sharing such a special day with all of you ~ we wish you so much love, laughter, and happiness! xoxo

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October 25, 2016

1Four years ago, my husband and I met our friends Dom and Savi while at our favorite restaurant and we quickly became friends over great cocktails and lots of laughter. I’ve gotten to meet their families over the years, but last Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the evening with Dom’s side of the family. We had a gorgeous evening in downtown Frederick and spent some time playing in a local park. An evening spent with this group was like being brought right in on an inside joke – everyone is so warm and funny… I definitely had to pause a few times from laughing too hard :) Thank you all for such a fun session!

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October 19, 2016

1I love chincoteague ~ it’s one of the few places on the shore where I make a point of visiting several times a year.. just because. it’s also the first place that tiffanie and jason took their first vacation together as a couple so it was an ideal spot for their engagement session. when I met up with them, I got a big hug which is always an awesome beginning. they admitted they were a little nervous ~ after several years together, they had never had any photos taken of just the two of them. within minutes, I could tell that whatever nerves they may have had disappeared once I asked them to look at each other. without any direction on my part, there were giggles, kisses, and smiles for days. as we wandered the streets of downtown, I learned more about their wedding, their family, and the way they met. as we said good bye (for now :) ), I knew I had made 2 new friends and I am looking SO forward to seeing them again on their wedding day. thanks for giving me a reason to go to the island and being so wonderful to work with ~ cheers!

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October 12, 2016

1as soon as I walked into christine and jeff’s home, I knew that this was going to be a wonderful evening. I met their kids, elliott and olivia, and got some dog time with their lab, bear.. everyone was so nice, funny, and easy going ~ and the ladies were wearing pink tutus! enough said :) they had a beautiful trail right behind their home that followed a creek and within minutes the kids were hugging, and then playing, and then teasing, hugging again, and laughing the whole time. they were both so at ease in front of the camera.. it was as if I’d been taking their photo forever. so awesome! whenever I would photograph christine and jeff alone, the kids would smile and giggle.. especially if there was a smootch involved. this is the kind of session that I adore, documenting a family just being a family.. with all of the love and laughter that it brings.

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October 06, 2016

1after almost 15 years of photographing weddings, I have very few ‘firsts’. there isn’t much I haven’t seen or experienced, so I am always happily surprised when something happens that I’m not expecting (in a good way, naturally). rachel grew up here in snow hill and I photographed her senior portraits years ago. when she asked me to shoot her wedding at furnace town, I was looking so forward to it! she and chuck decided to not photograph an engagement session but because we had worked together before, she didn’t request a sit down meeting before the big day. I went over to her house where she was getting ready with her mom and sister ~ it was so lovely and peaceful and whenever anyone said ‘chuck’, she would smile and you could sense her excitement. as I was walking out the door, rachel handed me a tie and asked me if I could give it to chuck once I got to the venue ~ he had forgotten it. furnace town had never looked more beautiful ~ the garden lights, the floral arrangements, and the personal touches were the ideal compliment to this already picture perfect setting. but what blew me away were the dreamcatchers.. rachel’s grandmother had made 30 of them ~ each one unique, and they hung around the perimeter of the pavilion. stunning! I was just finishing up photographing the details when I headed back to my jeep to grab an extra charger. it was then that I saw a familiar face.. a friend of mine that I had known for awhile. then I saw that he was in a suit.. without a tie. and I realized that this friend was the groom… ‘chuck! you’re my groom today?!’ he smiled as he came over to hug me, but he looked a little confused ~ then he saw my camera, ‘you’re my photographer today?!” he asked and I was so excited. see, typically when I work with a couple, I learn about their story from both of them at the same time. but with rachel and chuck, I had heard both sides, not knowing that they were speaking about the other. I knew what had brought them to this day and how deep their love ran and now here we were, at their wedding day. it was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me as a photographer because I knew what this day really meant to both of them. the forecast had been sketchy at best for the few days leading up to the wedding, but rachel and chuck were so laid back that the misting that began to happen right before the ceremony didn’t phase them at all. as rachel and her dad made the walk down to the old furnace, chuck was beaming… I had never seen my friend so happy. they wrote vows for each other and as they read them to each other, it was if they were the only two people in the world. you two are truly meant to be… your friendship, your support of each other, and the strength of your love is inspiring. I am so very happy for you and wish you all of the love and joy in the world xoxo

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