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September 30, 2016

1kaitlin and jonathan have known each other since elementary school.. that’s when their families became friends. such good friends that they spent every summer, every special occasion, and every holiday together. for years, kaitlin and jonathan were just friends who would see each other when everyone got together. as they got older, they typically were dating other people when they would see each other, but their friendship grew over time. then, during the 2014 super bowl, they were both single and suddenly there were sparks… a lot of them! and by november of 2015, he proposed. you can tell when you meet them, that they were meant to be… they have the best kind of partnership ~ one rooted firmly in real love, support, and being with their best friend forever. when I arrived at the beach house where kait and her girls were getting ready, it was hard at first to find everybody. this place had 4 floors and so many rooms that it could make you a little dizzy. after she put on her dress, kait shared a first look with her father (a moment that I adore), before heading out to the beach to meet jon. as their friends and family looked on, she hugged him up and kissed his neck before he had a chance to turn around. once he did… magic! we all headed to her grandfather’s farm and it was simply stunning! not a single detail had been overlooked and there were special touches everywhere. as everyone gathered in a spot that had been cleared for the ceremony, kait and her dad walked down the aisle. before exchanging rings, they joined their family for a tree ceremony symbolizing the unity of the families.. they had been connected for years, but this was a little different ~ this was forever. at the reception, I had been warned. when kait and I met up a couple of weeks before the wedding, she had told me that it had become a family ‘thing’ to flash mob at special occasions. but even with a warning, nothing would have truly prepared me for what happened after the toasts. the dj cued up a song and suddenly what had been an empty dance floor was full of people donning pink. as they all fell into step for the dance they had practiced for this special day, the guests cheered them from the sidelines. this was a perfect beginning to one of the most joyful receptions I have seen. I had such a wonderful day with all of you and am so grateful I was able to document such a beautiful day. I wish you love, happiness, and lots of ice cream! xoxo

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September 26, 2016

1not only is lea one of our new wedding clients, but she also happens to be the cousin of our very own photographer, laura! in fact, a few years ago, lea helped us out with our baltimore santa paws event and I had such a great time with her. so when laura told me that she and her love, jonathan, had gotten engaged, I was so happy for her and thrilled that she wanted me to photograph the big day. because lea and jonathan met and fell in love when they were attending washington college, it was the only logical place for their e-session. I had visited the campus years ago and thought it was so lovely. in the time since, it’s grown and expanded to nearly double the size of when I was there and is gorgeous. I met up with the two of them and then took their lead as they brought me to places on campus that were special to them. it was a perfect early fall day and I loved getting to know them better as we chatted and roamed the grounds. I am SO excited for your wedding day and know that it’s going to be everything you’ve dreamt of and so much more. until then, cheers!

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September 21, 2016

1sarah is one of those people that I should have met years ago… our circles of people are so intertwined. so when I met her and shane for their maternity session, it felt as though we were already old friends. the location wasn’t a coincidence either, my dear friend nettie (sarah’s friend too, naturally :) ) had been married here several years ago and it’s one of my favorite places. we began at the barn and wandered our way down the back dirt roads that eventually would lead us to the highway. we had a gorgeous morning and sarah and shane were so wonderful to work with. if I asked them to jump a ditch, they jumped that ditch. if I suggested that a weed field might be pretty, they were already headed into it before I could pick up my camera. I am so happy that we finally met and am looking forward to many other sessions in our future ~ congratulations on your latest adventure together! xo

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September 20, 2016

1I had the pleasure of photographing kerry and rob’s wedding 2 years ago and since then, I have loved hearing about all of the new chapters that they are creating together. the most exciting, of course, was the arrival of their daughter, reese. because they live across the bridge, I’m not able to see them as often as I do other clients, but several months ago I saw them at a wedding. as soon as I saw kerry, she hugged me and said, ‘I want to schedule family photos!’ and by the end of the evening we had a tentative plan. a couple of weeks ago, they came down to the shore for vacation and I met them over at the beach. reese is adorable! and I secretly think that she loves her photo being taken.. so much fun. kerry and rob are still kerry and rob… funny, super cute, and head over heels in love. I had such a wonderful evening and hope that we get together again soon! xoxo

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September 16, 2016

1I have been photographing weddings long enough to have a pretty good idea as to how the day is going to go. of course, every wedding and every couple is different, but typically the day doesn’t divert far from getting ready, ceremony, portraits of family + my couple, and then reception. sometimes everything is in one location, others there is travel from place to place… perhaps there’s a first look. but aparna and payam’s wedding was a first for me.. all around. the day began early at the temple ~ there were to be 2 different ceremonies. first, there was the hindu ceremony which was so beautiful and filled with tradition and symbolism. aparna and payam had detailed programs written up for their guests and they shared, step by step, what each small ceremony meant which was such a wonderful way to include everyone they love. and then, after a short break to the temple, they returned for a bahai ceremony which consisted of prayers, poems, and the exchange of rings. friends and family joined them for hugs and congratulations before everyone enjoyed lunch. 3 hours later, we all met again at the harbor in fells point. laura joined me then and we were with aparna as she changed for the evening event, a reception on the water. even though they were already married from the morning ceremonies, aparna and payam decided on a first look which we loved! the excitement and anticipation were as if they hadn’t seen each other all day. they are such a magical couple and are just lovely to capture when they’re together. after an entrance that brought everyone.. and I mean everyone, out on to the dance floor, aparna and payam delighted their guests with a choreographed first dance that began with the the love they have for each other and ended with the fun they have together ~ it was perfect! the reception was truly a family event as their parents and dearest friends toasted (and sometimes roasted :) ) them. they spoke of their meeting in medical school and their life together as a couple. they are so clearly admired and loved by everyone who knows them and everyone was so happy that this day had finally come. I adored everything about your wedding and am so happy to have been a part of such a special day. we wish you so much love and happiness in your life together!

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September 13, 2016

1there were several things that immediately got my attention when discussing katrina’s wedding with her. first… their story. they met at one of my favorite music stores, ever ~ the sound garden. when I lived in baltimore, years ago, one of my close friends and roommate at the time worked there. it’s an eclectic place and heaven for someone who loves music as much as I do. katrina started there in 2012 and ralph was her manager ~ to hear her tell it, she had an instant crush on him and it was love at first sight. to hear him tell it, the feeling was verrry mutual and they began dating a month later. and then there’s their venue. clipper mill is easily on my top three list of places to work ~ the combination of working art studios, inspired uses of open space, and industrial architecture is almost an embarrassment of visual riches for a photographer. I hadn’t met katrina and ralph before wedding day, but as I drove to baltimore, I was really looking forward to spending the day with them. I met kat at her best friend’s house where they were all getting ready and they were my kind of girls ~ nice, funny, with a side of playful sarcasm here and there. kat had several options with her dress and accessories and everything came together so perfectly. then I headed to clipper mill to meet ralph ~ from his infectious energy to his fender pick cufflinks, he was exactly what I had expected and is one of the nicest and most genuine guys I have ever met. the ceremony was across the street from the clipper mill pool at the gorgeous corradetti glassblowing studio and all the guests headed over to await the bride. as kat walked down the aisle on her father’s arm, ralph’s eyes filled with happy tears (this would happen all day long.. he’s a cryer and I love it! :) ) and he took her hand to lead her onto the stage. the vows they wrote for each other were lovely and funny ~ they are a couple who can finish each other’s sentences and clearly have the foundation of being best friends. the reception began with the dj telling the guests the story of kat and ralph.. from their first meeting to naming stars for each other, concerts and first kisses, the reason for this day was celebrated as the new husband and wife entered to cheers, whoops, and applause. after several heartfelt toasts full of laughter and some tears (ralph!), ralph surprised and delighted guests with a serenade to his new bride from the upper landing. once the dance floor opened, it was on! celebration and happiness filled the air ~ and then I heard the first splash. everyone saw it coming.. within minutes of meeting ralph and his groomsmen that morning, one of them had said, ‘you know someone is going in that pool tonight, right?’ and did they ever! some people had bathing suits.. many did not.. and nobody cared ~ it was awesome! I secretly hoped that kat and ralph would take the plunge, but alas… instead, they exited through a shower of sparkles and stars and walked into their many tomorrows together hand in hand. I loved every minute I spent with all of you and am so very happy for you! I wish you a life full of happiness, stars, laughter, love, and tasty tunes! xoxo

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September 09, 2016

1when I write a blogpost, I often comment on how I admire the laid back reactions to potential hiccups that my couples have to deal with. some are inevitable.. traffic jams in downtown DC that delay the whole day. some are unavoidable.. hurricanes, for one. all of my couples, while sometimes nervous or disappointed, look past these setbacks and instead focus on what this day is all about.. marrying their love. but never, in 13 years of photographing weddings, have I ever seen a couple overcome a true wedding day game changer like april and michael. the day started normally enough ~ kris and I met at the venue and went on in to greet our happy couple. everything was running on time and everyone was excited that a day which had called for storms was bright and sunny. as april put on her dream wedding gown, her sisters and mother gathered together to take it all in. and as the ceremony began, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd of family and friends. I knew that april and michael were a special couple when I photographed their engagement session, but to hear them recite their vows and to see the love in their eyes was so beautiful. as is the norm at most weddings, we took all of the family portraits after the ceremony and then headed down to the docks for portraits of the bridal party and then of april and michael. I arranged everyone on one of the docks and went back to get my camera. as I held it up to look through the viewfinder, I heard a sound that stopped me cold. crack.. crack.. CRACK! as the dock broke away from the pier and everyone fell into the bay. I ran to do what I could do to help and was joined by family and friends who raced out of the reception. we eventually got everyone out and I looked at april. she was smiling ‘everyone is okay,’ she said ‘that’s all that matters.’ and then… ‘can we still take some photos of us all wet?’ and she went to kiss michael. my heart melted. they walked into the reception, hand in hand, in the clothes that they had worn that morning and held each other close for their first dance. it didn’t matter that they were in yoga pants and cargo shorts, they were married and they were happy. so now it’s september, and I had the pleasure of working with them again. they had the wedding dress and the tux dry cleaned, they found a beautiful location, and we took their wedding photos. the two of you inspire me so much and I feel so lucky to have been chosen as your photographer. not only are you two of the coolest clients that I’ve ever had, but I consider you good friends and am so grateful to have met you. I know that the two of you will get through anything together and come out on the other side even closer. xoxox

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September 08, 2016

1I love seeing a family grow in front of my lens. every session brings new experiences as children grow and parents fall even deeper in love with each other and their family. this is the fifth time that I photographed my friends, lindsey and alex, and the second time that I’ve worked with them as a family of four. but as I met them at the beach in ocean city on a beautiful summer evening, lindsey could hold on to the happy news one more second. they are expected child number three! wyatt and kyle are going to be such awesome big brothers and I can’t wait until our next session to meet the latest addition to your lovely family. I so enjoy our time together every session and am grateful for clients and friends like you. congratulations!

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