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August 31, 2016

1christine and dan were married at one of my favorite venues, gramercy mansion. it was a gorgeous day.. but it was HOT! as in let’s-move-the-ceremony-inside hot. but as I walked into the bridal suite to meet christine for the first time, she wasn’t bothered one bit. christine and dan were referred to me by one of my favorite couples ever, niki and mike. so I knew before even meeting them, that these two would be so much fun to work with… and I was right! from the moment that her dress went on, to dan awaiting her by the grand staircase for their first look, these two were awesome. they have such an easy way about being together and you can tell that they are best friends. after the ceremony that was picture perfect inside under the atrium, to the dance party that erupted during the reception, christine and dan, their friends and their families, wrapped up the summer wedding season with perfection. I wish you so much happiness and love in your life together!

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August 30, 2016

1I am a girl who loves a good surprise. I think putting some time into doing something special for someone that you care about is one of the most loving things you can do for another person. it can be small.. like bringing someone a cup of coffee to their office on a difficult day, or it can be big.. like this day. it started in may ~ I got an email from peter who asked if I would be interested in capturing his proposal to his love, samantha. ummmm.. yes!! he and samantha are from new york, but he had chosen assateague because samantha loves horses and after doing some research, he found this special place. as we corresponded, we came up with a plan. peter and samantha would come to the beach for a morning walk and after a stroll, he would pop the question. I was to be a nature photographer, quietly photographing the abundant beauty of the island, and when he got down on one knee, it was on! no detail was too small for this future groom.. he had maps, specific timelines (including how many minutes it took to cross the walking bridge to the beach), and even ‘tricked’ samantha into taking a selfie that morning so that he could text me their outfits. I arrived on the beach and watched and waited. like clockwork, they came across the bridge, hand in hand. I became fascinated with a cluster of dunes close by as they casually walked by me and headed down the beach. samantha was on a mission.. she wanted to find a pony and so they walked, and walked, and walked some more. I followed behind them as far as I could, but close enough to be able to be available for my cue from peter. occasionally, samantha would turn to look at the ocean or behind her and I would hit the sand and aim my camera at anything but them. peter then took her arm and led her down to the ocean’s edge… and it was time. I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear anything, but I didn’t need to. samantha’s reaction and peter’s joy was so obvious that anyone on the beach knew that something very special had just happened. after several moments together, peter brought her over to me and introduced us. she was amazed that he had planned for a local photographer to be there and she was full of happy questions.. who else knew? who had seen the ring? when had he hired me? and then hugs. and kisses. and more kisses. we spent the rest of the morning photographing a session to tell the whole story of this day ~ because this day only happens once. and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. it was truly an honor to document such a moment and I am so excited and happy for you both!

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August 26, 2016

1miranda and josh’s wedding was truly a family affair. let’s start with the location… stunning! but that’s not all. this home has been in her family for years and once was a resort run by her great-grandparents that accepted guests to share in the beauty surrounding this special spot on the river. as I pulled up, her dad was the first person I saw and he was setting up tables and getting ice. other friends and family were buzzing about, putting the finishing touches on this glorious celebration. as I walked inside to meet up with miranda, I was greeted by the family pup and followed the laughter of the girls to the back. after miranda got dressed, she walked down with me to the river where josh was waiting for their first look. as he turned around to see his bride, josh let out a happy sigh and hugged her close. the ceremony was held under the riverside gazebo and a close friend officiated the wedding. josh and miranda read the vows that they had written themselves and then sealed forever with a kiss. I couldn’t have been happier to share in this day ~ miranda and josh are such a lovely couple and I wish them so much love and happiness in their life together!

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August 25, 2016

1the last time that I had the pleasure of working with the shade family was 4 years ago. I had such a wonderful time with all of them so when mom, courtney, contacted me earlier this summer to schedule another session, I was looking so forward to it. like before, both sets of grandparents came along but this year we had a new addition to the crew ~ a baby sister! their older daughter, lena, had grown so much and that big personality that she had as a toddler had blossomed. as a pair, the girls danced on the beach and played in the sand, oblivious to my camera most of the time, which I love. and as a group, the beautiful family that I met years ago were as lovely to work with as I remember. hopefully it will be less than 4 years until we can all get together again… until then!

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August 24, 2016

1if you have been a follower of the blog for the last decade, then you have definitely seen stephanie and jeff. since their wedding in 2005, they have become 2 of my dearest friends ~ I have had the honor of documenting their maternity sessions when they were expecting their daughter, hannah, and then son, finn. newborn sessions, family sessions, even an impromptu mini dog session here and there with their pup, moses have followed since. we try to get together at least once a year for family photos, and when schedules allow, for some friend time as well. but this session was a little different. this is the first time in over 10 years that I have had the pleasure to see the whole tobash family together and I couldn’t wait to catch up. the family traveled to rehoboth to celebrate steph’s sister, teri’s birthday. since 2005, there have been a lot of changes and additions for this lovely crew and it was wonderful to meet them all. I always have so much fun with you and it was like just hanging out with family ~ I am so grateful for friends like you. I love you guys and had such a beautiful evening with all of you! xoxo

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August 23, 2016

1it’s rare that a groom is my primary contact for a wedding, but when it does happen, I kinda love it. it’s so cool to hear their excitement and their attention to the little things and as soon as I spoke with josh, I knew that this was going to be an awesome day! he is definitely a man who likes a plan… he got betsy’s engagement ring and was going to ask her to marry him during a snow storm. he wanted to propose to his love under the falling snow and waited… what if this had been a winter without a single flake? but he waited… and in january when the streets of DC filled with snow, they went for a walk and that moment led to this day. no snow on this day, not even a chill to the air. it was a beautiful late summer afternoon and as I met betsy in the bridal suite, the preparing commenced. soon after, josh and his groomsmen arrived and I went to met him for the first time face-to-face. the excitement that he shared over the phone was multiplied and he couldn’t wait for their first look. everything was perfect.. the garden ceremony, the celebratory reception, and their amazing friends and family. I was SO happy to share this day with you and look forward to seeing you again. I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

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August 19, 2016

1a few years back, when she retired from teaching, karen received a gift certificate for a family photo session with me as a gift. at the time, her kids were still having babies so she waited… karen wanted this session to be of her complete family and she wanted her grandchildren to be old enough to participate. well this summer was the perfect time to get everyone together and head to assateague. when we met up at the beach, kids, kids, and more kids kept piling out of the cars. the were happy, excited, and couldn’t wait to get their feet in the sand. although a few drops of rain fell here and there, we lucked out with a lovely afternoon. as a whole, the family was so much fun and then once we started with each individual couple and family, the kids had me giggling with their antics and personalities. even though I know that no other additions to their big and beautiful family are planned for the future, I hope to see them all again one day ~ thank you for sharing your day with me!

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August 17, 2016

1this was SUCH a fun session! I knew it would be as soon as I got an email from mom, lisa. she’s a client after my own heart ~ once arriving with her family in chincoteague, she scoped out potential locations and sent me photos. it seems we share a love of old buildings and tucked away waterfronts and I couldn’t wait for our session. once I arrived and we met up, all of my expectations were met and then some. her kids are amazing.. patient, playful, and funny. there were mosquitos and it was really hot, but not a peep did I hear from these troopers. the island has been a special place for them for a long time, and you could tell the peace it gives them once we got to the beach. ‘this is my favorite place in the world…’ lisa sighed as we all took off our shoes and walked the cove as the kids looked for sand crabs.  I am looking so forward to seeing all of you during your next trip to my little corner of the world. thank you for such a lovely evening!

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August 16, 2016

1the heiser family travels from their home in pennsylvania to the beaches of the lower eastern shore every year. it’s always a special time for them and this year, they wanted to document their stay with photographs. I always enjoy multi-generational family sessions ~ the main fun is watching the grandparents interact and play with their grandchildren. this shoot was no exception and I had such a wonderful time getting to know such a lovely family. I look forward to future visits and hershey bar treats! thank you for such a nice evening.

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1ashlee is the daughter of one of my dear friends, diane. although ashlee and I had only met once, at the wedding of her cousins, julie + tyler, she’s that kind of person that you feel like you’ve known forever. ashlee is an acupuncture therapist who currently lives in arizona, but recently she contacted me to let me know that she had a trip planned back east to see her family and inquired about us getting together for a session and I was SO excited to work with her! unfortunately, her husband wasn’t able to make the trip, but her daughter, meela, was with her…. let me tell you a little something about meela… this girl has sass! she is so much fun and a spark of light that I loved spending the afternoon with. I am so very happy for all of you as you welcome this new member into your beautiful family. I hope that we have the opportunity to see each other again soon!  xoxoxo

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