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June 29, 2016

001I don’t know why, but when I photograph the wedding of a close friend, someone that I love so much, it’s sometimes a little difficult for me to write the blogpost. I think it’s because I’m more than an observer.. more than a capturer of moments. I actually know what every single moment means. I know how my friends got here, and how this day happened. I know the moment when he asked her, and how she felt when she said yes. I know the combining of families and the journey and the joy that this day has brought all of them. I know everything from leaving the wedding decor in the hands of a trusted friend, to designing the perfect cookie. I know the trips for wedding gowns and the cupcakes of celebration after debbie found ‘the dress’. I know the week long celebration prior to wedding day filled with love, laughter, special events, and tutus. but above all of that, I know the true love that my friends debbie and rico share and how this day is a day that they’ve both been waiting for their whole lives. to say that I’m honored to have been a small part of it doesn’t even come close.. it’s rare to witness a love and a friendship like theirs and I am forever grateful that I got to see every minute of it. I love you both and I wish you all of the happiness in the world!! xoxo

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1two years ago, I photographed their destination wedding in charleston ~ last year, I photographed their local reception for family and friends ~ 2 months ago, I photographed their maternity session ~ and then last week, I had the immense pleasure of photographing their first session as new parents. during a relatively short window of time, I have come to learn so much about adrianne and jimmy and they have become such dear friends to me. to be with them during such big life moments has been something that I cherish and am so grateful for. after their maternity session, they had decided that they wanted to do a birth story.. so as adrianne started to go into labor, I received a text 9:19pm as she and jimmy headed to the hospital. knowing that each birth is different, I told them that I would check in the next morning and come to the hospital once steven’s arrival was imminent. we texted back and forth the next day but it was eventually decided by adrianne’s doctor that steven was going to be delivered by c-section. the next day, they invited me up to the hospital to meet the little guy :) due to some precautionary measures, he was in the special care nursery so I went down with his grandmother, mama charlene, for my visit and fell in love at first sight. he is so darling! after several days, they were given the green light to go home and shortly thereafter,  I went to the house to spend the morning with everyone ~ including fur babies, maggie and maya, of course! I am SO very happy for my friends ~ they already have this parenthood thing down! steven is such a happy boy and when he is in his parent’s arms, all is perfect in his world. who knows what our next session may bring? much love! xoxo



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June 21, 2016

1I love it when people choose our little corner of the world to plan one of life’s biggest events. and when it’s only a select few of dear family and friends who’ve come along, it seems that much more intimate. heather and joe traveled to the island of chincoteague to start their story as man and wife, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. as I met heather in her suite of the island manor inn, she and her mother were finishing up all of the final details before heather put on her wedding gown. friends popped in from time to time, almost as excited as heather was that this day had arrived. I went outside to meet joe who had been joined by all of his close friends as they awaited the ceremony. heather and joe decided to have a little moment.. not officially a first look as they didn’t actually ‘see’ each other, but with their hands held tight, they made each other laugh and shared their excitement about what was to come. now I love really big weddings, I do. but there is something about a couple literally surrounded by only their people, that makes it everyone’s promise, a celebration for all who have gathered. heather and joe did something that I had never witnesses before… prior to exchanging their vows to each other, each spoke directly to their love’s mother. they shared all of the reasons that they has chosen this person to marry, and reinforcing that is it was their mom who had the biggest role in shaping them into their perfect partner. the words were tender, very sincere, and lovely. then, after a big kiss, applause all around, and a dance back down the aisle, heather and joe, who had entered as two, left as one. I couldn’t be happier for all of you and am so happy that you invited me to capture this beautiful day.

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1I’ve known my dear friend, amanda, for quite a few years now. initially we met when we worked together at my restaurant and while we were co-workers and friends, we didn’t really know each other that well. in the 6 years since, however, through many changes in both of our lives, I have come to love her and appreciate all of the many things that I have learned about her and from her. I watched her as she became a mother to her son orion and have marveled in how she seems to navigate everything with such ease and grace. so when she told me that she and chris were expecting their second child, I was so happy. unlike our chilly session when amanda was expecting orion, for indigo’s session, we had a beautiful day and headed to assateague. orion is such a happy little boy and is clearly excited to meet his little sister and documenting their family during our time together was such a joy. I am so very happy for all of you and am counting the days until I have the pleasure of meeting your daughter. I love you! xoxo

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June 13, 2016

1last june, I had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful backyard wedding for danielle + john, so when danielle emailed me to tell me they just welcomed their son, dean, I couldn’t wait to see them and meet their new addition! one of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is getting to know our couples and being able to document their growing families. we started our session off with a little guns n’ roses compliments of rockabye baby playing in the background (seriously – new parents, if you don’t know of these albums yet – check them out!), and spent some time in his magazine-worthy nursery. dean was such a chill and happy little baby – he was totally posing for the camera- and danielle + john were just beaming with pride and so wrapped up with him. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to see you two again and to meet your handsome son! until next time! xo

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June 08, 2016

1since I met them a few weeks back at their engagement session, I have been eagerly awaiting maggie and shane’s wedding day. the fact that they are such an awesome couple was the first reason, but I also knew the important roles that their families were going to have in their big day and I absolutely love weddings such as theirs. with a bridal limited to only shane’s son and daughter, noah and lindy, the ceremony began on the grounds of the bloxom winery as friends gathered close. as shane saw maggie turn the corner with her dad, he eyes twinkled and a huge smile that never left his face all night spread across his face. maggie and shane shared their vows, exchanged their rings, shed a couple of tears, and laughed out loud as the kids looked on. and when it was time to seal ‘i do’ with a kiss, their friends and families cheered as bubbles filled the air. I loved every minute of this day with such a lovely couple and I hope to see all of you again soon ~ maybe at your beautiful home once it’s complete :) congratulations to all of you! I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world! xo

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June 07, 2016

1I have been collaborating with the lovely chrissy ehrhart, the owner and operator of zenna wellness in berlin, for over 3 years. we have worked together on aerial yoga shoots, maternity sessions, and now mother/daughter (and one son!) acro yoga. and if I’m honest, these have become my favorite. not only are the poses different and creative, but there is something about the interaction between a parent and child, working together and supporting each other, that I find so beautiful. chrissy also took out her singing bowls and gave me a short demonstration which was so magical (thanks marley!) everyone was SO wonderful to work with and I am looking forward to next time xoxo

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