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May 23, 2016

1a few things I didn’t know as I drove to meet maggie and shane for their engagement session… first, it was shane’s birthday! and second, that a house in the middle stages of construction would make such a cool and ideal setting for a shoot. it was appropriate that we had the session here… this will soon become maggie and shane’s dream home and it is also the very spot where shane proposed. during a christmas eve scavenger hunt, maggie’s final destination was in the room that will become their family room and found her future husband down on one knee. everything from their view to this space, already filled with love and memories, is truly magical and I am looking so forward to spending their wedding day with them. thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon and I will see you soon!

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May 12, 2016

1I met abby through my friend lauren several weeks ago. since our first exchange, I was looking so forward to working with her and her fiancé, joey. given the sad state of  the local weather situation for the past month, we definitely lucked out with a nice day at the bordeleau winery. I absolutely love working in this beautiful spot and the afternoon I spent with abby and joey was no exception. I actually met the two of them for the first time as we arrived the session and I liked them so much from the start. they are warm, funny, and obviously very smitten with each other. as we wandered from spot to spot on the grounds of the vineyard, they shared their proposal story (so sweet!) as well as the plans they have already made for their 2017 wedding. I had such a wonderful time working with you and getting to know you both ~ I wish you so much happiness during your engagement and beyond!

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May 10, 2016

01to kick off our spring/summer 2016 season, we couldn’t have asked for a better couple than kris and scott! their wedding was so unique and filled with many personal and unexpected surprises. some planed.. some not so much. but I digress.. kristie and I arrived at the annapolis waterfront hotel on a beautiful afternoon. with the unpredictability of the weather that has plagued the mid-atlantic all spring, we were grateful for a dry day and arrived early to check out the ceremony and reception spaces. as we turned a corner, we unexpectedly bumped into kris and she was glowing! all of her friends and family were on their way, the rain was staying away, and her groom was just one floor up. their first look was just around the corner and she was over the moon. special touches, such as her family tartan being used in her bouquet and scott’s pocket square as well as part of her wedding dress being sewn onto her mother’s purse are those little things which sometimes go unnoticed, but mean so much and will for generations to come. the spaces were coming together beautifully and although a plan b was available, it appeared that we were going to luck out. as kris put on her jewelry and finished getting ready, kristie brought scott out to the front garden for their first look. this is easily my favorite moment of a wedding day ~ whether it’s during a first look or when the bride comes down the aisle, that moment when their eyes meet, their smiles shine, and their hearts connect ~ that’s the moment. the moment that this day exists at all. as scott turned around to see his bride, it happened yet again. after some portraits with their families (who were all just so very cool!) it was showtime. the ceremony took place on the rooftop patio and couldn’t have been more perfect and as kris made her way down the aisle, her mom joined her and her dad to escort her into this new chapter. the vows were funny, touching, and poignant ~ telling the story of two people who had met several years ago and were now joining their lives with everyone they love. now when I mentioned that there were some unplanned ‘surprises’, this is what I was thinking about.. we have photographed many weddings. many. but never before have the rings been forgotten – we had a first :) when kris turned to her twin sister, caitlin, for scott’s ring, everything stopped. suddenly caitlin took off down the aisle, high hells be damned! as kris called out the location of said ring. as the guests were clapping and cheering her on, caitlin made it back in record time. we loved it! with the rings in place and the promises made, kris and scott shared their first kiss as man and wife to the delight of everyone who loves them. the reception continued to reveal more about what scott and kris love and their plans for the future ~ from a travel the world guest book to table numbers named after all of the vineyards they had visited together ~ who they are as a couple was displayed in every detail. and then there was the cake. again.. I have photographed wedding cakes with everything from seashells to edible photographs decorating these confections, but never have I needed a translator. another first. written on the top of the cake was a language called gallifreyan which is from ‘doctor who’ and it read kris loves scott. along the sides, written in elvish from ‘lord of the rings’ was scott loves kris. it was pretty awesome! as the party got started, the dance floor filled and never emptied – such a fun group of folks. and as the night winded down, their song came on and kris and scott slowly danced their way into tomorrow. we loved every moment that we spent with all of you and hope that your honeymoon is spectacular! we wish you so much love and happiness xoxo

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