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April 27, 2016

1I had the extreme pleasure of photographing the wedding celebration of adrianne and jimmy, not once.. but twice! the first was at their intimate destination wedding in charleston and the second was a local reception held for friends and family in ocean city at fager’s island. from the first moment that I met these two, I have loved them. they are so warm, welcoming, and just lovely to be around. since I last saw them, a lot has happened. first, they became a family of four when pups maggie and maya came into their lives ~ they recently moved into a beautiful new home ~ AND.. they found out that they were going to be parents! I joined them at their home on a beautiful afternoon to catch some moments of this happy time. after showing me around their new place (gorgeous!) we settled in to start the session. and although this would technically be considered a maternity session, maggie and maya were front and center.. posing for me as only dogs can do :) I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for all of you (including mama charlene, of course!) and I am looking so forward to meeting your child upon his/her arrival. thank you for such a wonderful day ~ love you!

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1it seems like only yesterday that I photographed claire’s newborn session, so when I walked into the home of my friends, allison and bryan, I was so amazed by just how big she has gotten. for this photo session, she had a different role than the last time… big sister to baby leah! and she was so excited. we started the session in leah’s nursery ~ she is such a calm and happy baby and was looking at me straight in the eyes from the time the first shutter was snapped. claire looked on and then joined her little sister before we got mom and dad involved too. they are such an adorable family and I am so happy to have been able to document their family’s story  since it began on their wedding day. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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1I normally begin these kind of posts by saying something like  ‘if you’re familiar to the blog, you will know this family…’ but by now, it basically goes unsaid with the hoos family. I counted, and since their engagement session, kate and mark have been featured more than any other couple on this blog. a fact that makes my heart smile! most recently, they asked me to come to their home to photograph their family now that their son, jack, has arrived. I was greeted, as usual, by their big, beautiful, brown boy brant ~ lord how I adore this dog and some snuggles with him made my day. then their son trey popped into the room and proudly introduced me to his baby brother, whom he is clearly crazy about. I had such a wonderful morning with all of them and in the middle of the session, I just had this almost overwhelming sense of gratitude. it’s enough that I get to do what I love for a living.. more than enough. but the people I have met along the way have become like family to me and when their tribe grows.. so does mine. I love all of you and can’t wait to see what the future brings! xoxo

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April 19, 2016

1when deciding on a location for the engagement session, it’s always important to me to choose a spot that reflects my couple. I’ve worked at many beaches, in the heart of several cities, and even a wine bar or two. so when having a pre-session chat with april and michael, I knew that I wanted to work in the beauty surrounding snow hill.. and! they wanted to include their dog lucy which is always such a welcome addition to any session. she’s still a pup and wanted to investigate everything, but once she was with mom and dad, she was one happy girl :) toward the end of the session we headed to the wheat fields of a farm that is owned by michael’s family and it was wonderful to photograph them surrounded by a history that is special to them both. april and michael are getting married next month and after such a fun evening, I am counting the days to spending more time with this lovely couple.

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April 11, 2016

1it was chilly the day that I photographed heather and jason’s engagement session. how chilly, you may ask? well, maybe this will give you an idea.. when I met up with them, heather’s mom had come along to help carry the other clothing options that heather had brought. heather’s mom was in a parka. I was in a parka. it wasn’t chilly.. it was cold. and you can not tell – at all! in these photos. and it wasn’t for the simple reason that heather and jason were troopers that day (they were!) but it’s better than that.. as soon as they would hold hands, snuggle up, or cuddle in during the session, nothing else seemed to matter. not the cold.. not the gusty winds. just them. and I loved every minute of it. you two were the best and I simply can’t wait until the big day!

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April 07, 2016

001you know that it’s spring when you are constantly checking your weather app. as beautiful as it’s been the past several weeks with trees blooming and tulips popping, mother nature has been an unpredictable foe. almost daily the week before their e-session, jen and I were keeping an eye on the forecast… it’s going to be gorgeous!’s going to rain… downpour.. all damned day. partly cloudy anyone? fortunately we threw caution to the wind and went along with our initial plan to meet in saint michaels and it was, as usually seems to be the case, perfect. within moments after we began working, it was a though we had worked together a million times. they ‘got’ me and knew exactly what to do. we were kidding that rick was a pro, and deemed him ‘one take rick’ for the rest of the day – but it was true! one, they are really comfortable in front of a camera and two, they are clearly best friends who are crazy about each other. never were they not holding hands or cuddling up.. it was a little chilly. no rain, but a nip to the air just the same. they make each other laugh and just fit. I am so excited to spend their wedding day with them. thank you for a beautiful afternoon!

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April 07, 2016

001a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving up the shore to visit chesapeake college. this was my first time there and I as soon as I got onto campus, I was so impressed. the grounds themselves are beautifully landscaped and easy to navigate and the buildings are thoughtful in their modern design. my friend bridget lowrie is a professor there and had planned an event for students taking her law office practice and ethics class. bridget had invited some of the most respected legal professionals practicing here on the shore to come share their experience with the attendees. each panelist began with a brief history of their career and the changes that had come as their profession had evolved over the years. from the clerk of court to criminal law attorneys, there wasn’t much that either one or all of the panelists hadn’t had personal experience with during their lengthy careers. the attendees were a blend of first and second year students who had thoughtful questions regarding hiring practices, career growth, as well as advice for potential professional challenges along the way. I even learned a thing or two and got some new ideas as a small business owner myself. the event definitely made an impact, as the students continue to bring up in class the topics that the panelists covered that day and some specific issues which they elaborated on – each from their unique perspective. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and hope to be involved with a similar event at the college.

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April 04, 2016

1in the years that I have known my dear friend courtney, she has never ceased to amaze me. we first met when she opened her salon in downtown snow hill in 2007. shortly thereafter, we began collaborating on many creative endeavors together ~ from bridal and fashion shoots to editorial valentine’s day sessions. the enthusiasm and talent that she has brought to everything we have done together always inspires me and takes these projects to unexpected levels. in the past couple of years, her story has evolved to include a new career as an educator and a reputation as a renovation diva! last year she purchased the building across the street from her original salon space and started from square one ~ from the custom floors to the exposed brick and modern design, the new home of cb salon is breathtaking. she also hired some new members of her team to compliment the growth and new direction of her business. so one afternoon, it was decided.. new photographs for the upcoming website changes were in order! I met courtney, kirsten, and betsy on the farm of a mutual friend and we had a wonderful afternoon using all that was available to us in this unique location. this was the first time that I had worked with kirsten and betsy and they are such a perfect fit with courtney and the salon ~ it’s as though they have been with her all along. I am so happy for you and inspired by you courtney. not only are you one of my closest friends, but also a fellow #bossgirl that I admire and respect so much. xoxo

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