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February 16, 2016

001to say planning a wedding can be challenging is an understatement. to do it while your living on the other side of the world? well that takes the perfect combination of some thoughtful planning, a fabulous team, and the help of some pretty amazing friends and family. sarah and andrew’s careers currently have them living in pakistan and they were actually married for the ‘first’ time in england… but there was something missing. they wanted to celebrate their love and commitment with the people that meant the most to them and there was just one place where they wanted to throw this shindig – washington dc! the wedding was scheduled a week after one the worst snowstorms to ever hit DC practically shut the nation’s capital down. there was still evidence of some massive snow drifts and cars that were still buried under snow as kristie and I got to the venue. but this day.. this day was beautiful and as we went upstairs to meet our couple for the first time, everything was running as scheduled (early even!) and sarah and andrew simply couldn’t wait to see each other. as they had their first look outside of the national museum of women in the arts, there was no sign of them having done this before ~ the joy, excitement, and love was infectious. as their bridal party joined us on the streets of downtown, they braved the chilly air with humor and celebrated their friend’s big day. meanwhile, inside was quickly becoming a magical place for sarah and andrew to recommit their vows and partnership with all who gathered. everything was simply stunning.. from the main room decor to the special and personal touches that sarah and andrew had provided. full of heartfelt moments and family traditions, the reception was one to remember! this was such a perfect way to start our 2016 season and we couldn’t be happier to have spent it with such a fabulous group of people. sarah and andrew, you are such an awesome couple and we had the best time with you! we wish you so much love and happiness in your life together as you travel the world!

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