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December 28, 2015

1it was over 4 years ago that they were married… I had met my dear friend susan just a few months before the big day. she had told me that she was getting married in jamaica, to which I replied ‘amazing!’. a few weeks later, we were working on a shoot together and she asked me in passing if I traveled… ummmm, hell yes I do! then came the facebook message that I will never forget… ‘do you have a passport?’ before I knew it, kristie and I were making travel plans for the island. while in jamaica, I really got to know susan and jonathan – although we shared many of the same friends, I had never spent any time with them and the more I got to know them, the more I loved about them. they are such an amazing couple! and ever since we got back to reality back here at home, our friendship has remained. in the years since, susan’s daughter, samantha, has grown into such a lovely young lady and has become the best big sister to camden… the newest addition to the redden family. I met them all out on the family farm and we had a beautiful evening to work with. I always have so much fun spending time with them and once we wrapped up the session, susan and I caught up as the sun went down. I am so grateful to call you friends and was so happy to capture this time in your family story – love you! xoxo

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