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December 23, 2015


it had been almost 14 years since the last time that I saw my dear friend stephanie.. and let me tell you, a lot has changed since then. back then, we were both living in boulder and working at a restaurant called the med. I had worked in many restaurants before then and had made a lot of friends, but there was something about the staff at the med that was different. we became family and some of my best friends to this day were made there. stephanie was no exception – from the first time we met, we clicked and spent many nights after shift discussing the ways of the world. I left colorado somewhat unexpectedly and lost touch with a few people along the way but then came facebook. by the time that stephanie and I became ‘friends’, she had moved to new england and was about to be engaged to a man named sean. soon after their wedding, they made the move to alexandria and although we had talked a few times about meeting up, it never worked out. then the news cameā€¦ they were expecting! and once their beautiful son, lawrence arrived, plans began for a session.. and a reunion :) we had initially intended to shoot outside at a local park, but the winds were relentless and their apartment had tons of lovely light, so we stayed put. after hugging and chatting and hugging some more, I was introduced to her son. with his bright eyes and easy smile he had me from the get go – so adorable and so happy! I really loved getting to know sean too – my friend is a very special girl and she has found a perfect match with her husband ~ they were made for each other. once we started to wrap up, I didn’t want to go. it seemed that we only scratched surface of these past years.. so many events, both big and small. but as this little boy grows, I plan to document their family as much as I can. their story is such a happy one xoxo

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