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December 17, 2015


I knew that julie and garrett would be super fun to work with once I received their getting-to-know-you questionnaire. garrett had included both of their families in such a thoughtful proposal that took a lot of doing! to hear julie tell it (who had no idea of what was going on) is hysterical – she almost missed the whole thing! together they have fun doing so many things.. and top of the list is spending time with their pup avery. so it was only fitting that avery was along for the ride our whole session. we started at a beautiful church outside of berlin that holds a lot of meaning for the family ~ with it’s historic interior and beautiful grounds, it was ideal. we then headed to the beach and avery went nuts! it’s obviously a favorite place for them all. the whole time, julie and garrett couldn’t help but make each other laugh and smile.. they are just so easy, comfortable and fun. such a wonderful couple to photograph! I am looking SO forward to your wedding and the opportunity to work with you both again ~ thank you for an awesome morning!

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