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November 20, 2015

378hashley and amar were married on what can only be described as a perfect fall day. the breeze was light and warm, the colors vibrant, and love was most definitely in the air. as I joined ashley in her suite, you wouldn’t have known that she was getting married ~ yes, there were signs.. hair and makeup people, snacks and drinks, there was even a beautiful white gown. but ashley was totally unfazed – she was one of the calmest brides that I have ever worked with. she was so happy and light, simply soaking in this day and didn’t let anything stress her out. the only thing that she cared about was her and amar’s first look when she could see her groom for the first time. we joined up with amar at the carnegie and as he waited on the front steps for ashley, the rest of the bustling of downtown DC went dim as they shared a kiss. shortly thereafter, the ceremony took place in the rotunda and was so lovely. for their reception, ashley and amar had quite the surprise for their guests, after they made their entrance and took a couple of spins around the dance floor, lion dancers burst through the doors with drums and cymbals filling the rotunda with celebratory beats. it was SO cool to watch and all of their guests cheered on every moment. family members toasted the couple as everyone enjoyed dinner and then a special slide show. once the dance floor opened, this crew started partying and never stopped.. well maybe for a snack or two from the food truck outside :) I had such a wonderful time with everyone and wish you all of the happiness in the world!

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November 17, 2015

1kathleen and ray were married in october of 2010 and every year since, we have tried to do a session on or close to their anniversary. we have hit the boardwalk for a trash-the-dress shoot and we have gone to assateague for their son, coleston’s, first family session. although we keep in touch throughout the year, I always look so forward to spending time with them during a session. this year, another member joined the group, their beautiful daughter alice. it’s amazing to me to look at time through the growth of my friend’s family. it seems just like yesterday that I met them on the beach for their engagement session and now they have become a family of four ~ seemingly overnight. I am so happy and grateful to call them my friends. hopefully ray’s lead foot will lead them back to the courthouses of worcester county so I can see them before another year passes :) I love you guys!! xoxo

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November 13, 2015

1it’s time for our 5th annual santa paws charity shoot! this is always such a happy way to end our season as well as helping out an organization who love animals as much as we do!

  • date: saturday – december 5th
  • location: 104 west green street – snow hill, md
  • time: 11am-4pm

session details: a 25 minute session featuring your pup all decked out for the holidays. we will have wreath and bow collars, christmas light collars for mellow pooches, reindeer ears, santa hats, and some other fun stuff to play with. up to two family members can join their dog during the last 10 minutes of the session. we will have organic treats and plenty of water as well as some squeaky toys to help get their attention but if there is something that your pooch really responds to, please feel free to bring it along. please have all dogs leashed until their session begins. we do our best to have some time to vacate the location in between sessions, but if your pooch doesn’t play well with others, please let us know ahead of time and we will ensure that they have the space all to themselves.


charity details: the session fee is only $30 and includes an online viewing gallery and 1 8×10 print. we are also asking for a donation of at least 1 10lb bag of dry cat or dog food to be given to the wicomico county humane society


how to book your session: email us at to reserve your spot. this event fills up fast! in fact, last year we booked up within an hour so contact us soon to be a part of the happiest event of the year. last year was record breaking and thanks to our awesome clients, we collected over 500 pounds of pet food as well as some extra toys and treats :) we are looking so forward to meeting some new friends this year!


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November 12, 2015


if I’m honest, I’m always a little nervous when I go to a wedding where I don’t have all of the history that I normally do. typically, by wedding day, I have met with my couple several times and more often than not, we’ve already worked together for their engagement session. but other times, such as destination weddings, wedding day is my introduction to the couple. this was especially true on diana and ian’s big day. diana’s parent, al and linda, had done almost all of the planning because diana and ian were living in nashville but getting married here on the shore. so as I parked at the historic whitehaven hotel where diana was getting ready, I was meeting my bride for the first time. I entered the suite and greeted mom linda and turned around to see diana – although she was wearing a tshirt saying as much, I would have known that she was getting married that day regardless ~ her smile and demeanor radiated joy and excitement. she and her girls busily got ready and as we prepared to leave for the ceremony, it was a hold-your-breath-and-make-a-wish moment. al and linda had told me when we met up a few weeks before the wedding that the whitehaven ferry was going to be a possible game changer come wedding day and although I got over without incident, everyone else was held up by a barge. in retrospect, this turned out to be quite fortuitous as it gave me the opportunity to explore one of the most lovely ceremony locations I had ever seen! located at the back of ian’s property was a wooded trail through the forest that opened up to a clearing by the water ~ it was straight out of a fairytale! so beautiful and absolutely perfect for their ceremony. I was also able to meet ian, who was happily greeting guests and clearly excited to see diana. as the bridesmaids made their way down the path, bagpipes announced diana’s arrival and as she and her dad got closer, ian’s face just lit up. the intimate group of family and friends who had gathered for this day erupted in cheers and applause as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. the reception was held on the lawn of bordeleau winery (no ferry needed!) and bluegrass music filled the air as guests were enjoying lawn games, delicious fare, and of course wine! diana, ian, and I made our way down to the dock and I loved photographing their easy happiness – they are really perfect together – laughing, snuggling, and kissing.. I didn’t have to do anything except capture them being them and it was wonderful. I had such a lovely time with everyone and wish you all the happiness in the world!

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November 09, 2015


I know that I say this.. a lot. but it’s the biggest truth of my business. my clients are the most important thing in my professional life. I meet new and interesting people almost everyday ~ I get to be by their side at some of their happiest moments (and sometimes their saddest). I get to know them on a level that wouldn’t be possible with other jobs that I’ve had. and I’ve made friends – real friends. and have formed relationships that I know will last a lifetime. I have known steph and jeff for over a decade now when they met with me to photograph their wedding during the early days of the studio. in the years since, I think I have photographed their family 10 times – maternity sessions, newborn sittings, and of course some snaps of their pups whenever possible. I have had a front row seat to the growing up of their kids, hannah and finn, and our most recent session was so much fun! their family is full of so much love and joy and I soak it up when I’m with them. they are a part of my life and I am so grateful to call such amazing people my friends and my family.

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November 02, 2015

1‘sooooo…. ‘ she said. ‘I have some news.’ this is how a conversation between laura and I began earlier this year as we began talking about the 2015 shooting schedule. by the excitement in her voice, I already had a pretty good idea as to what I was going to hear, but I smiled as I said ‘yesss??’ and I learned that she and derek were expecting their first child. if this is your first time visiting the blog, let me give you a little history… laura was referred to me by one of my favorite brides ever, brandi. when I first met up with her and derek, I was immediately smitten and loved working with them during their engagement session… I knew I had made 2 new friends. so it was no surprise that their wedding day was one for the books ~ amazing, start to finish! then they drove all the way down from baltimore to snow hill to participate in santa paws with their dog cooper. so when it came time to hire another team member for the studio, one name kept spinning in my head. laura :) it was by far one of my best decisions ever. we had planned for me to go across the bridge for their maternity session, but miss harley had other plans and arrived earlier than anticipated. fortunately, everyone was okay and after a few days, they all came home. not too long before harley was born, another new member of the family was welcomed.. their adopted rescue pup, molly. now if you know me at all, you will understand why there are almost as many photos of molly as there are of harley. I can’t help myself! but to spend this day with all of them was so wonderful and I loved every second of it. to say I am happy for you in an understatement but I am. and I love you all so much and am looking so forward to every milestone to come! xoxo

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