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May 29, 2015


I am typically a little nervous when I go into a wedding having never really met my couple. liza and I were introduced by my friend fern, but we only chatted for a minute or two. then a week before the wedding, liza and I had spoken over the phone for quite awhile, so I had gotten to know her a little – but still… this is a big day, and I am with them, by their side.. every minute – so it helps if they like me a little. but as soon as I was with liza, I felt as though I had met a kindred spirit. literally, it was like we had known each other forever. she introduced me to her sister, her best friend david as well as vince’s son, little vin. shortly thereafter, I met vince as he was trying to get ready but not see liza at the same time. the wedding was being held in their back yard and it was decorated beautifully – but this also meant for some creative choreography to keep the bride and groom apart. as liza got ready with her mother and sister, vince was with little vin and his uncle. I had known that this would be very happy day, the happiest! but I also knew that liza’s father had recently passed away and that there would be some emotionally difficult moments.. I had been there myself, and it’s not easy. I took vince out front for him to await his bride for their first look. apart from getting them set up, I didn’t have to do anything.. just compose and shoot. they were so blissed out when they saw each other, that no direction on my part was needed.. kiss, hug, kiss again, hug a little tighter – they were in their own world. when the ceremony began, I don’t know who was more excited, the two of them or little vin. doing an exceptional job as his dad’s best man, he received a gift that liza had chosen, just for him and just for this day. all day we had known that it wasn’t a matter of if the rain would come, but when.. and fortunately it held out until reception time. the storms were the fiercest I had seen yet this year, but liza and vince’s guests were so awesome as they continued to eat, drink, dance, and be merry under the tents as though it were a mild early summer evening.  I am so very happy that I was able to spend this day with all of you! you are such a amazing and loving family who brings joy to all of those around you. I wish you so much happiness together! xoxo

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May 21, 2015

120there’s something about a big city wedding.. the excitement, the energy, and the people become a part of the big day and it adds it’s own personality to the event. such was the case with liz and greg – their wedding was held in the heart of downtown baltimore at the renaissance harborplace hotel. I lived, worked, and went to school in around the harbor and it’s one of my favorite places on earth. when I first met liz and greg, it was during their esession as they were vacationing with greg’s family at bethany beach. I knew as soon as I met all of them that they were going to be so much fun to work with and I had been looking forward to this wedding since last summer. the night before they were to be wed, I photographed the rehearsal dinner and got to meet everyone who had traveled near and far to spend this weekend with them. among my favorites was greg’s aunt sherry who was also their wedding coordinator. now retired, she dusted off her planner and kept everything going on schedule flawlessly.. this lady knows her stuff and it was so cool to watch her lend decades of experience to ensure that liz and her nephew had the perfect day that they had been planning for so long. both when I met them at the beach and during the stories and toasts at the rehearsal dinner, it was clear that liz and greg had captured each other’s heart from the moment that they met and that getting married had almost been a given.. just a matter of time. as she got ready on her wedding day, liz was as calm and light as though it was any other day… any planning, any unforeseen stresses, any worries, were all behind her and the only thing that this day was about was her and greg. laura spent the morning with me and the ladies for a little bit before heading to greg and his family. together, we had all planned the timing and location of their first look down by the water before heading back to the venue for the kettubah signing. the tradition of the kettubah is one of my very favorite things to capture. it typically includes an intimate group of close family and friends and is held before the actual ceremony. it’s such a lovely beginning to the day which will bind you forever.. not only with each other, but with your families, friends, and community. later, a portion of the kettubah was read under the chuppah after liz and greg exchanged their wedding rings. with most big city weddings comes an equally big party, and theirs did not disappoint – the band was amazing!! from liz and greg’s first dance, through the hora, and waaayyyy beyond, the dance floor stayed full and jumpin’ all night. after everyone that they love surrounded them during their last dance, liz and greg made their exit, hand in hand, their eyes shining. laura and I are so very happy for you both and wish you much love + joy in your life together! xoxo

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May 19, 2015

1 I love it when clients are referred by a friend/past coworker. In this particular instance I used to work with Joe’s sister Trish back in the ole Marlin Moon Grille days. Emily & Joe are getting married in Philly in December but since the inlet was where Joe proposed, they contacted me to do their engagement session at the beach. We lucked out with a pretty spring evening and clear, golden skies. It had been awhile since I had actually been downtown Ocean City so it was fun to bumble around with the two of them and talk wedding plans – it’s that perfect time on the boardwalk.. when it’s starting to come alive with all of the attractions and games, but still not too crowded. We took advantage of this as Emily and Joe had a spirited game of whack a mole.. because c’mon, who doesn’t love some whack a mole? They were so great to work with – really relaxed and so fun. It’s obvious that together they just fit and have an ease about them that was so nice to capture. I had such a great evening with you two and wish you so much happiness as you approach your wedding day! 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

May 15, 2015

001 over the years it’s become the norm to get a text from one of the vankirk sisters.. either it’s time for the annual holiday photos or they just want to have a session with me – which I love! in return, I have called on them several times when I’ve needed models or because we’ve gotten the random eastern shore snowstorm and I want to shoot. so when I received a text from payton last week saying that she needed some photos for her graduation announcement, I looked at my calendar and we set up a day. a little while later, it started to sink in… graduation announcements. she’s graduating – she’s going away to college – when did all of this happen? and I’ll admit it.. I got a little choked up. when I first met payton, it was during a session that her mother, kristen, had booked 5 years ago. payton and her sister lexie had been so much fun to work with that day but I had no idea that it was the beginning new friendships that would grow like ours have. for this session, payton met me at assateague on a beautiful morning and handed me a coffee that she had picked up for me on the way. silly and sentimental thoughts went through my head.. ‘she’s driving.’ of course she is! ‘she knows that I love coffee.’ who doesn’t know that about me? but I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this young woman who was standing in front of me, showing me all of the outfits she had brought along, was the same little girl with braces that I had met on this same beach years ago. payton, you are so special – you are beautiful and kind and smart and funny and lovely and all around amazing. I am so grateful to have come to know you and call you my friend. I know that you are going to thrive in college and beyond. but when you’re home.. I’m secretly hoping that I’ll still get that random text… ‘do you have some time for some photos?’ I love you!!


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May 14, 2015

1as I read the message I received from samantha last september, I couldn’t help but smile.. ‘so,’ it read ‘are you ready for another hutchison wedding?’ the obvious answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes!’. one of my favorite perks of my job is meeting so many new people and couples, season after season – but what I love even more is the relationships that have been built over the years with entire families that have begun with a simple email, inquiring if we were available for a session or wedding. with the hutchison brothers, my story with them began with becky and darin – I photographed their engagement session, their wedding, and the newborn photos of baby brantley. then I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of becky and dean and then later, their maternity session when they were expecting their daughter heidi. so now it was darcy’s turn and I couldn’t wait to see all of them again (and if I’m honest, I was also really grateful that samantha’s name wasn’t becky.. it gets a little confusing when they’re all together :)  ) this january, I went up to samantha and darcy’s farm to photograph their engagement session and was so happy to see darcy’s daughter, abby – I’ve basically watched her grow up as she was a part of all of the previous weddings. she has become such a funny and lovely young lady and was obviously so excited for her dad and samantha to tie the knot. the morning of the wedding, I drove up to the venue and the weather couldn’t have been better.. sunny with a light breeze and everything was beautiful. samantha’s mom and some of her bridesmaids were checking all of the final touches under the tent as I went upstairs to see the bride. a warm smile greeted me as she was waiting for everything to really start happening – a little nervous, but very excited to marry her groom. soon after, the ‘beckys’ came into the bridal suite with their kids in tow and it blew my mind. both brantley and heidi are so big.. walking, talking, laughing, and fussing.. just a little, when the tie had to go on. they were definitely a reminder as to just how long I have known this big and beautiful family. the ceremony began and as abby made her way down the aisle with a message for darcy, there wasn’t a dry eye in the bunch. as I have come to expect, the reception was such a fun party and a celebration of friendship, family and love. samantha and darcy, I couldn’t be happier for you and I am so grateful that you invited me capture your chapter of this story. I wish you so much love + joy!

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May 07, 2015



every winter, as you’re meeting with new clients and doing a lot of paperwork, the next wedding season always seems so far away.. and then boom – it’s here! and it’s time to photograph the weddings of all of the amazing couples that you’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with, working with during engagement sessions, and even grabbing a cup of coffee with.. just to chat. and it feels awesome! not only was I looking so forward to spending the day with chrissie and eric, but they also were tying the knot at one of my all time favorite venues, the chesapeake bay beach club. although all week, the forecast had called for rain, the day actually turned out wonderfully. the sun peeked through the clouds, there was little to no wind (a rarity when you’re shooting by the bay), and the location, as usual, was decorated beautifully. eric and chrissie met when she volunteered at a local firehouse where eric was a fireman. according to her matron of honor’s speech, sparks flew immediately and it wasn’t too long after that they began their journey together to this day. I met chrissie and her girls up in the bridal suite as she got ready for her first look with eric. she was so excited, grateful for the good weather, and couldn’t wait to see her groom! as eric waited for her on the shore of the chesapeake, some of their close friends and family peeked around the corner as she made her way to him. I can’t say it enough… I do love a first look! there is something about that moment that is so special to capture. soon after they had some time to themselves, the ceremony, which overlooked the bay began –  and from there, the party continued late into the night. I had such an amazing time with all of you and yours was the perfect wedding to kick of the 2015 summer season. I wish you so much love and happiness!

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