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March 23, 2015


the ladies of ShaDeeLa have done it again! just when we think that they’ve held the coolest and most inspiring workshop ever, they outdo themselves by offering a day of art, community, and expression. like the day of ‘FEARless painting’¬†with workshop leaders, dee, deb, and sharon, this day was a creativity reboot. the workshop was held at the green doors which was the ideal location for such an event – using reclaimed barn wood (some of it over 100 years old!) which was then cut into hearts, attendees were guided through new techniques as well as being encouraged to think about a message or a dream that they wanted to express through paint and found objects. so many new techniques were taught and as the hearts began to tell their story, it was such a lovely combined vision… there were no rules, no mistakes, only truth. if you haven’t taken one of these workshops, we definitely encourage you to visit their blog and sign up for their mailing list – you will have such a unique day of creativity, new friendships¬†and community.

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up next for ShaDeeLa? their soul affirmations fabric journal workshop – head to their blog for details!

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