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April 11, 2014

Last week I shared with you Liv + Drew’s pre-deployment session and their maternity session taken mid February of this year.  It has been so wonderful to see my friend go through such a beautiful pregnancy and on February 27th I had the honor of being next to Liv in the delivery room along with her family as she gave birth to their first child, Logan Grady.  I got the phone call from Liv around 10 PM on the 26th that she was heading to the hospital because Logan was on his way!  She rode with her mother and Aunt Sherri and they met up with Drew’s mother, Kathleen and his brother Michael at the hospital.  Drew’s father arrived shortly after the birth.  I met up with everyone around 2:30 on the morning of the 27th and as I walked into the hospital room I felt all of the love surrounding Liv.  I know there were so many emotions running though everyone that morning, especially since Drew was in the middle of a 5 day mission.  He and Liv joked the week before that Logan would have to wait for Drew to get back before he made his appearance.  However, baby Logan had a plan all of his own! Liv and Drew talked about the birth beforehand and asked if his brother Michael could set up a GoPRo camera to film the birth.  Lovely Aunt Sherri was the lucky one to have it strapped to her head. ;) I was so happy Liv had such a huge support system and she always had someone’s hand to hold.  In between contractions we were trying to get ahold of Drew who was 8,000 miles away to let him know that his son was on the way!  Kathleen and Michael were finally able to connect to him on FaceTime and I instantly saw a wave of relief rush over Liv.  About 25 minutes later and a lot of pushing, Liv was finally able to hold Logan in her hands!  I’m so glad Drew was able to be there and see the birth of his son and offer words of encouragement to his beautiful wife as she brought Logan in to this world.  He was able to hear Logan’s cry and see the excitement and love in that room.  Logan Grady (the first grand child on both sides!) was born at 4:33 am and weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Thank you to all of the wonderful nurses, doctors and staff at PRMC who helped us successfully capture this very special birth.  Liv + Drew, I’m so happy for you both and so blessed that I am able to be apart of your journey and was able to witness such an incredible moment in your lives.