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April 02, 2014

If you follow our blog you probably saw Liv and Drew’s pre-deployment session two days ago.  My friend Liv and her husband Drew, who is currently serving overseas announced that they were expecting their first child they day Drew left for deployment last July.   I was lucky enough to know during their pre-deployment session and was so happy to hear the news!  While Drew has been deployed he and Liv have been able to chat and FaceTime to keep him updated on the progress of the baby.  They had already chosen the name Logan for a boy or girl and when Liv found out she was having a boy she and Drew decided on the name Logan Grady.  It has been such an amazing experience watching my friend go through a beautiful pregnancy.  We met up in the middle of February this year to capture these shots and Logan was born on February 27th.  Stay tuned to see the birth of this sweet little boy and all of the love and support Liv had during delivery- including Drew who was 7,000 miles away!  I’m so proud of you Liv, you are absolutely gorgeous!